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Friday, June 24, 2011

I've Got Some Backlash Here In My Bag

Sage flinched as a shard of ice shot from his hand and straight into his eye.

"You really ought to be more careful with that," Parsley advised, shrugging off an arrow or two that had made their way into his shoulders. He had his back turned to the ram-manners and his shield up defiantly facing the rest of his party.

They had happened upon a keep whose outer door had not offered much resistance. They had quickly joined the horde of peons of the Bird God in taking down the inner door and crush what little opposition faced them on this a most sunny day in Dragonwake.

"I mean," he went on to say as fire rained around him, "I've seen you get seriously hurt from those things. I know you can be more careful with that. Besides, it doesn't help one bit when I'm sticking my neck out to defend you."

"Have you ever heard the saying 'You need to spend money to make money'?" he asked as a particularly thick, sharp and now bloodied ice spike pierced through his calf. "The same principal applies. In order to inflict pain, one must endure it, as Mary will no doubt attest to." Mary, as it happened, was falling down from above, a gun shot piercing her chest and ending her life right before her feet touched the ground.

"That may very well be but... You could give us a break. I mean just look at Rose and Tom here."

"It's Thyme..."

"Sure, Tom. They work their asses off trying to keep us up and you're not making their job any easier."Rose and Thyme looked and each other quizzicaly. They soon resumed their pelvic-thrusting and baton-twirling. They knew how things could get when Parsley made up his mind about arguing about something.

"Oh. And I suppose crushing our opposition to a bloody pulp does nothing for our cause. Or freezing over something pesky that might pounce on them or leap from the shadows." One of his ears froze over entirely and began to crack as he spoke.

"You see that? The mere fact that you're falling apart as we have this discussion is indicative of how right I am."

"And the cinge marks in your armor and all the arrows protruding from your body are supposed to make me take you more seriously then? Be silent, Chosen and do your job, which in this particular situation would consist of... not a whole lot."

"Oh, really? I guess I'll leave then."

Sage's smirk quickly faded as a Shadow Warrior's arrow found it's way to the middle of his forehead as soon as Parsley was more than 30 feet away. He rose up again, uncomfortably close to his friend the Shaman, to meet Parsley's grin.

"Although I still believe I've made some valid points, I'll take your advice into consideration," he uttered grudgingly as green and purple lights swirled around him, removing blood stains and restoring cloth to it's pristine condition.

"Glad to hear it! Now, Mary, I suspect you're about able to pick the door again?" She nodded and twirled her blades in that very characteristic way Witch Elves are known for. "Then Rose and Tom shall edge closer to the wall and Sage and I will do our best to keep them safe. Keep the chatter to a minimal and let's send some of these toons back to whine to their maker."

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