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Monday, January 3, 2011

Now and Then, Here and There

Wonderful anime, that. Featuring what probably is the cartoon boy that has suffered the most and grinned and beared it. Too bad this post has nothing to do with it.

No, I'm not dead. It was Christmas.
One thing about Christmas.
I fucking hate Christmas. I hate it to the point of tears, which is usually where it ends up (or starts off as the case may be). New Year's Eve, however, I love, and this year I got drunk to the point of laughing hysterically sitting on the floor behind the couch. Good times.
So that's why I've been away.

Also, Epikk did us the wonderful favour of buying Dragon Age: Origins which brought me back to an old favorite hobby of mine: flirting with fictional hunks.

A few years back I had a huge crush on Carth Onasi. You remember him, right? The blumbering widower from KotOR. I don't know exactly why, but I almost intantly fell in love with the thing. And I call it a thing cuz I have no delusions about what it is. It's a thing, a remarkably well made and endearing thing, but a thing. Maybe it's the voice behind the thing (somewhere, a voice-actor is blushing right now) that spawned that crush in me, I don't know. Probably.

But, for a time, I could do nothing else but play through KotOR over and over again, finding new ways to romance it and break its heart. I know most fans of the game actually hated it and I can see why. It could be a bit whiny. But what man, fictional or otherwise, isn't at times?

That was then - now, its Alistair. He's my crush for the new year.
Alistair is the spiritual successor to Carth in many ways. It's just as whiny but I find it a bit more witty. Plus the british-like accent is a nice change. So, while my modem is all up in a rage, I have succumbed back into BioWare's grip, romancing their fictional hunks. I spend hours in camp, flirting with other party members just so he'll tell me how hurt and jealous he is. Come to think of it, better I do that in a game than in real life, right?

Problem is, Epikk liked the game so much he's considering buying Mass Effect as well. Oh, dear, this does not bode well for my sanity. I just know there's at least one more virtual hunk in there for me to fall for. A girl can only have so many crushes at once.

That thing about the modem: I don't know what's wrong with it, it keeps disconecting both our 360 (which is really anti-climactic when you're making out with your choice of pixels) and Epikk's new pc. Also, since we received our new bedroom furniture (crafted by a very old, very rikety hermit in Sweden that has a contract with a very big, very famous furniture selling company that starts with an I, ends in an A and has the letters K and E somewhere in the middle) we had to disband our "junk room" so it could be turned into our bedroom. Junk, however has a habit of not magically storing itself in appropriate places so we now find ourselves with the den, where the computers are stored and used, as a temporary "junk room". I'm afraid to go in there. Not only because it pains me to know I'll be doing the bulk of the cleaning and storing but also because there's a big ass mirror against a wall that I'm always afraid will fall on me when I open the door.