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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It's what life is all about. You're born (and if you live in southern US, you get to be in beauty pageants when you're 2 weeks old), you grow up, you learn how to do things and you evolve. You get better at doing such things (like using food utensils, or breathing through your nose) and you learn how to do new things and you get better at those too. And then you die.

Take my cat, for isntance. When we was younger he'd find the most weird positions to sleep in. Nowadays he just curls into a ball and sleeps, like regular cats. Every now and then you'll find him choking in his sleep because he fails to realise he can't rest his head directly on his nose but I have faith he'll come to that conclusion sometime in the near future. Miles wasn't the sharpest knife in the kitty drawer but that's why I picked him. Makes me look smarter in comparison. That and he bit me when we met. "Payback time, sucker".

I too, have evolved my play style in WAR so it is now easy for me to spot those who have, as of yet, failed to do so. I'm not the best Zealot in Norn, by far. A big part of that probably because I lack the decent gear to do so, but it seems to me that some have gone all the way to the higher renown ranks with very little evolution under their belt.

Take this SC, for example. Halfway through I had to switch to semi-healing mode because, frankly I was tired of dying and of all the dying going on around me. Makes me feel sick. Makes my throat sore because everytime a WE dies I, myself, make the same sound they do. Out of all the Zealots in the SC I was the lowest ranked one. "Oh yeah, but you're a twink you get better gear and stuffz from your main". The only thing I ever sent the Donkey from my main was rk39 gear which I probably won't even use. So that excuse falls short. Order won spectacularly, with their only two healers dishing out awesomeness left and right. I managed to get killed 5 times. Other healers managed to heal as much as I dealt damage and me, a dps specced Zealot, managed to heal double of what they healed. So I keep asking myself: what are they doing wrong or what is it that I'm doing so right? And why do I get yelled at for DPSing? :(

I'll share what I've come to learn about healing, especially in scenarios.

  1. I noticed some healers (some even in t4) don't know this but AoE heals aren't AoE. They're Group heals so they won't save that tank that happens to be in party 2.

  2. When in SCs, if you're like me and don't use Squared or Healgrid or something fancy like that, the game itself has an option to show you other parties just like if you were in a warband. At the start of a scenario, toggle on every other party other than your own.

  3. Throw HoTs (heal over time) around. This will really boost up your healing, especially if, like me, your AoE specced (I call it AoE cuz the damage abilities of the tree are AoE). It will also help healers in other parties keep their parties up.

  4. Resurrect. If you're not getting hit hard, take the time to rez other players. This is crucial as it prevents our front lines from falling back and creates what I call the "wall effect". More bodies between you and them is always nice. Obviously, always rez healers first even if you have to let a tank or a dps die to do so and especially if any other party has only one healer and that healer bites it. That dead healer drastically diminishes the survivability of all the other 5 players that were depending on it. Bottom line, if you see me die, rez pls. :)

  5. Strategic fall back. Healers have INSANE range. Nothing else has better range than a healer so stay back. If, however you depend on groupheals a lot, like me, you need to get closer because they nerffed the range on group heals. Just remember that, if the enemy charges, take a few steps back. Eventually, you develop a sixth-sense for wipes and you'll know how to pick your fights.
While on the topic of sixth-sense, we finally managed to do an LV run! It all came about when this Shaman, a fellow countryman of mine from D E C A D E N C E started yelling for an LV run. It was 2 am, I was bored, waiting for a lock that wasn't going to come, so I said "sure, I'll go". I got my Epikk and the boss to tag along and we found a DPS Chosen, Subah. For my delight, Silenz, this awesome sorc that I always try to heal in SCs cuz she kills lots and I want that assist renown, was also interested in coming so the party was set.

We get there and, what do you know, half the party had to go get the quest from Hellebron. So we wait patiently and when we finally get everyone back the Shaman goes "sry ppl gtg!" WTF, why do people start things they have no intention of finishing? The run wasn't obviously going to take the 10 minutes we had to wait for the quest issues. Still, we shrugged it off and found ourselves another healer, Kjx (who seems to have a very... interesting girlfriend). After he went to get the quest himself, he set off for the left wing. We get through all the bosses ok, with Nirvaesh MTing (MT stands for Main Tank if, like me, you don't know tankspeak) and Silenz sharing his/her wisdom on boss tactics. We even only wiped once on the big spider thingy and it wasn't a big deal because I always make sure we wait until I can slap on my Mark of Remaking (henceforth known as selfres or autores). In the end I finally got one (better than nothing) Darkpromise piece. It was only the belt but I also got a belt for Dex so it wasn't a total loss (too bad the weapons are bind on pickup because we got a weapon for Magus that was crappy but was alliteration goodness: Dekelex, Dreadstaff of Devouring). Too bad for the Shaman that he left because Shaman dropped twice. Mike also got 2 DP pieces for Epikk and a 3%crit choppa. He's now sporting 3 DP pieces and some conqueror, the DP weapon and the BS weapon. Sweet, sweet choppin.

So, why all the "sixth-sense" thing? At a certain point we were killing some random mobs that were a bit tricky and, all of a sudden, some rhino-like piggies come stampeding down. From the rate of our healing and the rate of their hitting I was sure after the first few seconds that we weren't going to keep up. So i slapped on the selfres and, sure enough, down we went. Just one thing about selfrezing Zealots. If you have one in your party and it dies and then your other healer dies or just isnt able to keep the MT up, stop trying. Like any rez, selfres gives you a 30sec timer. If the whole party doesn't die in those 30secs and the boss doesn't reset its quite pointless. So make with the dying.

It was a pretty sweet run. We did all but the middle wing, even with half of us half asleep already. Nirvaesh's tanking was up to what I expect from him and Subah did an awesome job for a DPS Chosen, I must say. Kjx was a big help with his quicker group-heal to keep us up between my long casts and wasn't afraid to help DPS when needed. In the end, we managed to pleasantly surprise ourselves and The End, with all its highly-evolved players, made a good impression on these bigger-guilded players.


Monday, March 29, 2010

"Darkdeadly deals devastating damage," says Dextrose Docinho

That's pronounced "Do-see-ñoo" not Docking Ho.

Alliterations aside, which have been further prolongued by my choice of screenshot, this be the truth. Most Magi do deal tons of damage. You'll see them deal less deathblows though. Yet, Magi seem to be the most memorable characters for me. I can remember at least five Magi from the top of my head (Darkdeadly, Jimix, Zoycolt, Yogiroth and Lowprofile) but I can't say the same about any other class. They just look so imposing and bad-ass, makes me want to cuddle up against them.

So, why Magi all of a sudden? Well, after my short adventure in the guise of a dps Zealot, I missed the true dps of my Magus. On Dex I hopped and damage I most surely dealt. I have been reading Keagen's guides and whatnot but, me being me, I can't follow instructions very well. I just do what comes natural to me.

What comes natural to me is this: always look for a clusterfuck; start off with a Glean Magic to lower spirit resist; slap on Dissolving Mist, half of it where they are, half of it where they are likely to move to; Pandemonium for more dps, Surge of Insanity if there are casters in the midst; Seed of Chaos on a retreating tank; coup de grace with an Infernal Blast, followed by a Warpfire and some good whooping with Daemonic Lash for good measure. For single targets I add all the other DoTs, Baleful Transmogrification, Withered Soul and even a Mutating Blue Fire. I usually throw in a Surging Violet Fire paired with Changer's Blessing if I lack healers. It's probably not the most effective way to go about it but, for me, it's the second most fun I could ever have with a Magus. Why second? Because Magi have a suicide spec more suicidal then any emo Sorc out there.

In my dreams I see a world where Magi roam freely and are loved by all. Treated as equals, they feel free to spec however they wish. In this world there are some who spec for close-combat damage, reeling their enemies in with a Chaotich Rift and acting like a hot plate with their Agonizing Torrent and Aegis of Orange Fire. But they are not alone and, right behind them, more Magi come and cast the aforementioned AoE DoTs. And if some dare survive, behind them are even more Magi with their Tzeentch's Firestorms, Perils of the Warp and Bolts of Change. Who needs healers anyway? Give me more Magi any day.

Again, this might not be the best way to go about playing a Magus but, the best way isn't what Dex is about. I play Dex to unwind from doing the right thing, from ressing people in scenarios (yes, because I do that), from keeping other parties other than myself HoTed from spamming group heals when necessary, criting for 3k. I play Dex to see them purty white numbers fill my screen. It's gratifying.

On a related note, there seems to be hope for me yet! I decided to stop whining and bitching and random arm-flailing and went back to my AoE spec. Seems I'm better at what I "grew up" doing. Which must be why I play vanilla. Well, mostly. What I mean is, I don't use Squared or Healgrid or anything like that. Yes, that might be my loss but, honestly, I've tried it and I seem to spend so much time remembering how to do things that I end up using my good old reliable hotbar and party windows. With that in mind, I went back to AoE, determined to do the best I could and pray for the best. Must've been a good day for my Restorative Burst because AP wasn't too much of an issue yesterday. And most, if not all, of that damage came from my Manipulation, a little something to remind me of my DPSing days.

Speaking of DPSing Zealots, I saw Bauros in full Invader, or Conqueror or what was it, DPSing in a SC. Although I wasn't impressed by his output, I was impressed by his renown gain. He was in my party so he wasn't whoring. You'll notice that the boss, Mike and I ranked right after the dude/dudette and we all have similar RRs. I am yet to fully comprehend how this renown table works.

All in all it was a good day for me to be back on Norn. Most of all because I found my buddy Krueg again! Krueg was one of our off-tanks, back in the day where we still had a guild to speak of. He was a RAWRing Khorne worshipper that could always lighten the mood. He had a ficticious homossexual affair with our other Chosen, Ranark who has since also gone the way of Jimmy Hoffa.

Krueg is currently following his heart and pursuing his love for naked lady elves, i.e., he rerolled a WE. We hope to see him back in T4 with us soon.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eat mah Scourge and DIIEE!

First of all, a heartfelt thank you to all you ppl out there that noticed my meager atempts at entertaining the WAR community. I've gotten teary-eyed at seeing my weak-ass banner over at Blurring Shock (I don't know the first thing about Paint Shop, I'll admit it now), I giggled at the mention of me over at Werit's and Grimnir even twitted about me! I love you guys. Oh and, btw Mr. Mann (dude, your first name should totally be Sirius), the Magus healing tree would be Havoc as it has the Changer's Blessing tactic. So there!

So, I went back to Norn. I'm a destro child, after all and I missed being the underdog. I gave the donkeyspeak (that's what I call her because that's what Ehone sounds like. Thank you, GOA, for renaming my character after a freaky animal sound) another try because, after all, she is my main. After 50 rrs, I felt kinda bad that all the action it saw lately was as a crafting mule (donkeys again...).

Here I go, all hyped up about being awesome and healing lots and then on the first scenario I go like "Whaaaa...?" and heal around 200k. Meager. "Maybe," I thought, "I just need to spec out of this AoE tree. Everyone says the single-target one is the shizzle." So there I go, spend half my money, spend five minutes rearranging my tactic/actionbar and queue up again. Up comes Serpent's Passage and I go in all gung-ho, flinging my knife up in the air like there's no tomorrow and "Whaaaaaaaa...???" Some 150k this time.

"Fuck this" I said, and about time I did too. I don't know, maybe the AM ruined me for Zealot, with it being so full of AP and having just a single tree to spec healing in. Maybe playing Order for so long ruined me for my destro mateys. So, "fuck this", I said and promptly added "I'm gonna spec DPS."

This might seem like an odd choice but it's not the first time I've made it. I rolled another zelly (the Donkeywrath, in honour of his older sister) and invested solely on intelligence and toughness gear and talis. First two tiers it was the foshizzle to the tizzle wizzle. I could solo the moon, if the moon happened to be the same rank as me and totally not expecting me to fight back, and always ranked in the top 5 dmg dealers. Healing was subpar as I usually only managed to dish out around 20k per SC.

So then what happened? Then the hate happened. Of course, I was totally expecting to get some flaming and nerdraged a lot because if other healers are slandered for dpsing, a Zealot gets farted in the face. That zealot must have my longest ignore list ever. But it got to a point where I just wasn't having enough fun with it to continue. When you get another zealot bitching in /sc about how "you're doing it wrong" and laughing at your scourge when he's only outhealing you for 5k and you're outdpsing the **** for about 25k, it makes you think "what's the point?". So that one went on the shelf at rk26.

As I had recently read a post on the official forums about a possible build for a dps zealot but couldn't apply it because you needed some 50 rrs, I grinned at the prospect of finally shedding my "SuperHealer" shell and doning a "lookatmeI'mtryingtokillstuffLOLZ" awesomesuit. I nerfed my healing, buffed my damage, had the harbringer do its thing and had the ritual throbbing in all its manly vigor.

How was it? Meh. It was a change that's for sure. Of course, I was wearing half Sentinel gear, seeing as I have salvaged all my Conq/Inv gear, so I'm now neither a good specimen of a healing nor of a dps zealot. I'm there, I smite and I'm mediocre.

Think I might have borked my Zealot skills for good with this one. Fret not, though! I still have a Magus to ding but that, dear gent and ladies, is a story for another day.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Battle Object... Is this some kind of weapon?

The WAR blogging world has been up in arms about this little jem of a review and I agree. It's a load of bull. But I'm not going to dwell on every factual mistake the guy made. Not only are they obvious but Shadow-war and Bootae hade done a stellar job at it already. I must say though, one of my biggest gripes with it (me being somewhat of a linguist) is the "run over large areas to defend a Battle Object or Keep" line. "Oh Lord, they are attacking the Trebuchet! We must defend! RAWR!"

Still, I was even more apalled at the subsequent comments at this so-called review. I clicked on the link expecting to see reflected on other posts what I myself had felt when reading it. Something not too far from the need to gag. But imagine my amazement when people left and right were actually agreeing to this nonsense with the suposed authority that they HAD played the game. If they had would they have not noticed the blatant falacies of the wannabe-article? Like the inacuracy of, say, the number of pairings or the "races" you can actually play?

Taking this small sample of people (or should I just call them WoW players cuz that's what they are, really) WAR's biggest problem is the lack of PvE content. *snickers* Ok, I'll give them that. You do have a lot of mobs in the game but yes, they all behave the same. A wolf and a halberdier will behave the same. After all, they're both out to kill you and their sense of preservation triggers only when their death is already inevitable. And yes, there are few PvE instances (just HV, Mt Gunbad, BS, Saccelum, BE, BB and its Order counterparts, LV, LoTD -although not an instance-, every tomb in LoTD and ToVL that I can think of).

Apparently SCs are WAR's downfall because they're murdering ORvR. They could be onto something there. I, myself, haven't done ORvR in about a month or so but that could be because I hadn't done anything else for so long. So now, on Order side, We're mostly chilling in Sigmar's Hammer (lord, that place is tiny) and queueing back-to-back. This doesn't mean that everyone else has given up on ORvR. In fact, the most blatant proof that they haven't is the constant IC/Altdorf pushes with multiple King Kills a day.

"Oh but there isn't enough content for us solo players?" Could there ever BE a more no-lifer argument? Srsly? There are hundreds if not thousands of people playing the same game you are, in the same server, possibly in the same zone but you're so socially underdeveloped that you REQUIRE to play the game solo? If that's not the case, if you simply just chose to visit a stale zone at a dead time of day and you feel like playing, well, do a few quests, Epic Quests will keep you busy. Or better yet, go read a book and come back at a decent time, dimwit.

I admit, I'm not a good critic of these people. I'm a WAR player and before I was, I was a MMORPG virgin. So WAR is pretty much all I know. Maybe WoW or whatever had some riveting PvE content but, as Shadow-war said before me, I just can't feel an emotional connection to an NPC. I just know that every mdps trying to kill me just sighs and frowns when they realise their inability to do so and I love that. I love knowing that, a few thousand miles away, there's someone just a liiiittle bit more frustrated and it's because of me.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

How many WLs does it take to kill a Shammy

So, I was effing about in Azgal's T1 with my male AM (Tryharder) to pocket Mike while he ranked his new slayer (Epikk) when I spot a battle waging in the middle of the warcamp. Now, I've seen wc guards be useless before but never to such an extent. Turns out 3 rk 10 shammys (trials, no doubt) found a neat yet completely obvious way to storm into the Order warcamp. All the non-Hero NPCs punched and spat at the greensters to no avail and the Heroes were scratching their virtual nuts looking the other way.

They got a pretty decent amount of kills in before someone asked for help in /1. I guess it must be a different kind of satisfaction, being an OP trial.

Luckily for us, or maybe not as much as I initially tought, it was Psych's bday. Happy birthday Psych! (BTW, I have no idea who Psych is) and his fellow guildlings threw an event just for him. And so it was that 16 members of The Asguards all rolled WLs and happened to be nearby to help with the shamy crysis. The whole thing reminded me of Kill Frenzy's WAAAGHMAGEDDON. Only less epic.

Make sure to visit Bootae's Bloody Blog for more Kill Frenzy videos.
Make our dreams come true indeed.

So 16 WLs + 16 Lions + Renown Trainer + Random Orders = Win, right?
Not so much. It took a considerable amount of time to down just one of the buggers. Alot more than what I would've expected. Im considering just skipping T1 entirely from now on and plvl straight to T2 just so I don't have to deal with trial accounts. Considering there are already trial guilds and whatever, I just don't have the will or the intestinal fortitude to deal with organized OP toons while babysitting the headless chickens on my side who are just learning the ropes.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fire Hazard

There are some inherent hazards to gaming. Most of us have come across the "Tasty Beverage Vs Keyboard" and the family attriction ones. Other difficulties and challenges include swelling of the bladder, the "OMGthepizzaguy'satthedoorbutifIstophealingwealldie" syndrome and the failure to realize what time it is until RvR dies down and then you've only got 2 hours of sleeping time left.

But never had I thought that I would one day find myself typing "lol my desk just caught on fire." Fret not, it wasn't a leaping flames kind of accident. More of a persistent foul smell and scattered ashes affair.
As any smoking WAR player that is allowed/wishes to smoke while playing knows, every now and then, a coffin nail will wither to ash without as much as three puffs worth of emphysema taken from it. What I now advise is to make sure you let them go to waste AWAY from pack wraping plastic.

This ended up sounding like an anti-smoking manifesto (and if that's how you wanna take it, more power to ya) but it was intended to just be a medium of sharing the changes introduced to my life by WAR. I've learned alot, including:
  • Zone lock leeching (i hear some call it "freenowning from zone flips" Òó) is not conducive to productive studying.
  • If you only have 20 minutes before you have to leave but you just want to get that one SC in before you go, you're gonna be late.
  • Mind the clock if you're not planning on cooking for dinner tonight. Pizza delivery people need to get home to their chars too.
  • Have a fire extinguisher handy (I do).
But don't give up on gaming just because it's hazardous. After all, what isn't? Couch-potatoeing leads to cardiac arrest (you know I'm right) as does jogging or strenuous excercise (ok, maybe less so) and people even die in their sleep! Setting your house on fire seems like a minor setback now, doesn't it?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Every once in a while I log in with a char with which I haven't filtered off the advice channel yet.
It serves as entertainment in the long stretches between SC pops. Apart from the old favorites (WoW bashing, guild advertisement and trade spams) you get your noobish but valid questions and your noobish nab questions.

Some I'll always answer like:
  • "Where to get mount?" (North oh the Monolith or Near Sigmar's Hammer for 15g)
  • "How do I use these talisman thingies?" (it says so right there, in any slotted item. Shift+rclick it)
  • "h0w name pet??" (/petname . Squigs and Horrors are not namable, they're cannon fodder. Although you might have named your coffe maker, Turrets are machines and, therefore, unamable.)
Others, however, always generate heated discussions and every nerdrager that happens to be logged in takes the opportunity to nerdrage a bit more.
  • "Is this server balanced?/Does our side ever win?"
  • "What's most fun to play?" (Magus, duh. How can anyone even ask that?)
  • "What heals/hits/tanks best?" (no accounting for taste but I personally prefer AM, BG and BWs)
  • "Is this game worth paying for?" (everyone currently logged in above rk11 should think so, so what kind of question is that???)
  • "Why do all healers suck!?" (healers suck as much as everyone else, it's just that everyone else dies when they do.)

Yesterday, though, I caught a heated discussion not only on the balance in both Norn and Azgal but also on its reasons. Mostly these reasons come down to "healers don't heal" or "we sux" and other constructive remarks but, this time, seems like there was more to be said.

According to someone's opinion, Norn wise, Destro has the numbers, Order has the guilds. Not to say that we don't have guilds, it's just that most of them suck.
 I don't wholeheartedly agree with this but yes, it has always seemed to me that we have very few organized and useful guilds. There's Evil Inc (to which I was part of for like 3 days) and maybe Tainted. Chlopi Chaosu is always recruiting and Damned Souls ain't half bad (wonder whatever happened to CIR). There are others but if the zerg sees a few Red Guard they turn on their "headless chicken" switch and everything thereafter is full of fail.

I, myself, have never been part of a big, organized guild and I admit I'm a worst player for it. In one year of playing my main is only rr5x and I've been to one full LV run (and in the span of those 5/6 hours I got 5 DP pieces, none of them for my class).

I guess it's all a matter of loyalty and that'll be The End of us (see what I did there?). Out of loyalty, I'll stay put in our 3man guilds, and I'm happy there. It's the kind of gaming I know and love. And even though the boss tries to recruit, what is he going to get? No >rr50 guy is likely to join us, they have their own allegiances and guilds and whatnot. End-game players in rk40 guilds only leave their guilds to join other rk40 guilds. So you have the same guilds everytime with players that might jump between them but never new guilds. We get to recruit rk12s and maybe the occasional 20ish. But with us being 40, what are they even doing there? There's not much they can do with us and plvling takes the fun out of the race.

I dunno. I'm not much for gaming-studies. I just log in and play. I don't usually dwell on these advanced playing tactics or what the best build is or whatever. Call me an instinctive player.
I used to think that, if we made a name for ourselves, they would come but I'm over such childish fantasies. They come and they go and we're still here. And we will be as long as the boss's computer holds out.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The End of Effectiveness

So after Mike went to have dinner with his parents I joined Nirvaesh, the bossman back on Norn. It's been a while since I played a Zealot, let alone a high-tier one. It seems that, during the time I was on Azgal lots of healers have been making themselves purty. Although I didn't see the likes of Ukyo and Ultelot (the TRAITOR!) seems some other phAt healers have gotten all geared up in their Darkpromise and Warlord and Tyrant and are healing the crap out of everything that runs, chops and gets blown away.

I kept getting the feeling that I was doing something wrong, that something wasn't quite right. Part of it might have been because I'm now accustomed to having AP whenever i need it. With Drain Magic and the Master of Tranquility and Wild Healing tactics slotted, I've got all the AP I need to spam Blessing of Isha and Lambent Aura outside of the party. If someone sees me, I slap on a PB Mistress of the Marsh, hide in a bush (so that other dessies don't notice me... except for the flashy Christmas lights) and use the ever useful Walk Between Worlds so I dont get setback. It's usually enough to make any mdps give up on me. They run out of AP and I'm not dying anytime soon.

So what was I doing wrong with Ehone? I remember back in the day, before they nerfed the AOE heal radius I could get 300k+ healing in a SC easily. And that was before all the Sentinel gear. Still, I stuck with my AOE/HoT build and prayed we got decent healers on other parties so I didn't have to worry so much. I decided on this mostly because my Dust of Pandemonium healed the same (or maybe slightly more) than my Elixir of Dark Blessings, going all the way up the AOE tree. But it now seems that the AP cost difference is starting to take its toll.

Of course, some scenarios are easier to test builds than others. Reikland Factory for instance (loathe) has me running around like a headless chicken between capture points merely throwing HoTs around hoping they hit something useful that'll get hit in the next 15 seconds or so. So I didn't get all the feedback I wanted from my respec into the single-target tree.

That's another thing I'm not used to. With the AM I can just spec for healing. I mean, that's what I want to do. With the Zealot, I gotta decide on what type of healing I want to focus on. I spend less points on the trees because I'm not interested in the damage abilities/tactics but my points are spread thinner. I find my brain often fritzing and I just stand there wondering if I should be spending my few remaining AP points pocketing that one WE or casting a DoP to heal a party that is only under 75% hp in total.

And then I die. Which is another thing. At rk 32 I don't just die with the AM against a WE or a Choppa. I die, but I get a few steps to prolong the inevitable. With the Zealot I see a flying WL and I don't get half a second of cast time in before I'm slain by the muddy boots of a cat breeding elf. I know Order is OP. I' playing it. But with all the wounds and toughness I've put into a rk40 Zealot you'd think that I'd be more like a piece of cheap wood and less like hot pudding.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I rolled a healer... 8 times.

So what's the deal with all this new blog thing? Turns out that once I find something to read I always feel like there's something more than can be said. Even though there are some awesome WAR blogs out there, some take things a bit too serious for my own taste (but we still love u shadowwar) or simply don't deal with the european servers.

I guess you can say I'd rather pay attention to the green bars than to the red ones. Red is scary and I'm a girl.
Or maybe I'm insecure and need people to love me. And everyone loves a healer.
Or maybe I'm just fed up with other healers doing jack shit when everyone else is dying so I end up taking matters into my own hands.
Hm. Whatever it is, I'm a healer now and I have a hard time getting myself to do anything else.

I might be one of the few "serious" gamers (*snicker*) over the age of 13 that can say that WAR was their first MMORPG. It all started a little over a year ago and I chose to be a healer because, well, I was under the misconception that by staying in the backline I could avoid responsability. Turns out that, due to my noobness, I ended up trying harder than most, got good SC scores and got motivated to become a rockin' healer. And zealots looked cool.

As of now, I'm the proud brain behind a 40/5x Zealot, a 26 dps Zealot (yes, there is such a thing), a 40/3x Sac DoK (pathetic), a 12ish DR DoK, a 31 da Green Shammy, a 17ish Runepriest, an 8ish AM and, my current main, a 31 Isha AM. No WP? Azgal seems to have more than its share of WPs.

Being a Super Effective healer isn't a one-man/woman job though. Always rolling with my own personal tank and rdps helps quite a bit, especially when all I have to do is yell "oooh, a WE's just spotted me" and my guard gets on range and the skanky stabber gets rooted.

I might have more to say but those clothes ain't gonna hang themselves and those dishes are pilling up.