Down But Not Out

This blog will now be solely dedicated to mediocre fiction I write about Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

More interesting things about both WAR and other games and... other flights of fancy: all of this and a less offensive blog design might be found here.


Ehone Donkeywrath - 40 Zealot; rr71 (Main)

Dextrose Docinho - 40 Magus, rr5x

Trinca Espinhas - 40 DoK

Nojo - 40 Shaman

Fofo - 40 SH

Enfermeiro - 2x DoK

Donkeywrath - 2x Zealot

Chaimite - 26 Blackguard

Doctorquinn - 1x Shaman

Pirilampo Mágico - 2x Sorc

In Karak-Norn