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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Er... Wut?

Disciple of Khaine

•Khaine’s Embrace: The base healing value of this ability has been reduced and its cooldown has been removed.

•Khaine’s Vigor: The base healing value of this ability has been increased and its duration has been reduced.
I thought Khaine's Embrace didn't have a cooldown. In fact, as chance would have it, I was respeccing my DoK back to healing (and failing miserably at it) and I was spamming it like crazy, interrupted solely by my global cooldown. Maybe it's just me.
Also, I was farming some curios on my Magus late at night, while Epikk read to me the full details of that Wikileaks debaucle, and Indigo Fire of Change's debuff icon on my enemy still reads "If killed will turn into a horror!" or something to the same effect.
I mean, how hard can that be to fix? It's like the iPad's Safari not having a "find on page" function. Inexcusable. Or that I now currently have 15 "Wots a Subject?" mails in my inbox. I don't need them, I don't want them and I'm pretty sure I've completed the damn thing already.
While I'm here: Marauder=ganking goodness. I'm taking revenge on WLs everywhere. I'm only rk 19 but it's been great fun so far. Solo locking t2 zones for the influence weapons is a tad boring but when I find a little opposition its marvellous. For once, I don't have to worry myself with the survivability of me and my team mates. I can just run out and get killed.
Wots a punchline?

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  1. It did, in fact, have a 1.5 sec cooldown. Short enough to get confused with the global cooldown, but the gcd starts at the beginning of a cast, while the cooldown starts at the end. :)

    I get a bunch of letter in my mailbox after every maintenance too, on several characters! Hate it.

    And yeah, nerf Marauders. They've been the kings of 1v1 before, now they're unstoppable. ><