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Saturday, August 7, 2010

PTS Against All Odds test

As you may know, last night there was a PTS event.

The event was mainly to test two things, which were the Against All Odds buff and the removal of the friendly colision .

I am actually pleased with the way the test came out.

The AAO buff was showing roughly 170% when we had 3 Warbands against Order's 4 Warbands, which was a nice buff that will hopefully draw people to the fight even when the numbers aren't favourable.

The colision test was the one i was most aprehensive about. I am one of the few that actually liked the friendly colisions, mainly because it added to the realism of the game.

The main part of the test consisted of placing large ammounts of people inside Eataine's manor (together with the rest of the battle, obviously) and having more than one full warband inside manor is usually a pain in the ass because no one can move.

It was nice cuz the tanks managed to move close to the door and we DPS classes managed to position ourselves correctly to spam some AOE at the door. On normal behaviour (pre 1.3.6) we wouldn't have been able to do that cuz no one would be able to move :P

Another good thing about not having friendly colisions was that since there are far less calculations to be done, all of the RVR experience felt smoother and less laggier.

After the test there was the mandatory Q&A with the devs that shed some light regarding some subjects. I am not gonna go into much detail about the Q&A because Gaarawarr is posting a transcript of the thing, so you can read it there :) (oh and brulgnir has the mp3 of the session in case you wanna listen to it)

It was a very pleasant Q&A if not for the fact that someone decided to troll it (i still think it was Frenzik, who since last night i consider to be a major wanker) and spammed a shit ton of loud racket to disturb the session, and kept changing his name to go further down the name list to try and get his question answered. (Obviously Andy kept ignoring his question, because as he say at the start of the session, they wouldn't answer to trolling questions)

All in all it was a very pleasant test and Q&A (despite Frenzik) and after most left, Testpig, Gaarawarr, myself, and 4 or 5 more people stood arround just chatting and sharing our views on the current state of things, PQs, the new Warfront rewards, addons, Bombing in general, and we tossed some ideas into the table about what could be Mythic's big announcement.

Well, this thing kept me up till 8 AM, so, imma go get me some sleep.



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