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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Zealot's Guide to Lost Vale: Right Wing

Long overdue, I know, but it's been a long time since I've been there. But as I managed to do a successful full run today, events are still fresh in my head so let's begin by spewing them out already. Too bad I forgot to take any screenies of it so random stuff from previous runs will just have to do to mitigate the 2k crit from the WoT.

This was my build for this run. Currently wearing some Warlord, one piece Tyrant (with +4% heal crit), a Cowl of the Fist and 4 piece bonus from Sentinel. For jewelry I use the ToVL glyphs, o LotD Cape, a purple bag city siege weapon and a rr55 SC focus (Apostle's Focus of Anathema. A bit over-geared for this but there you go.

Also, remember to start off battles with your Morale 1 on the bosses, followed by the Harbinger (pre 1.3.6). Although they won't understand why, dpsers will notice a boost in their dmg output.


Once you're done with the spider boss you come up to the beach again. First-timers must then return to the beach and deliver the quest at the Eversissy again. On to the right wing.

Throughout the wing there will be little neutral Pain Sprites. These cast an AoE silence if aggroed so either make a point of killing every one or just avoid them entirely by cutting down on the AoE. First few tree-like mobs are easy enough. If you find their hits too strong (and they will almost definitely hit you) just detaunt them or Embrace the Warp. I find that a bit overkill for such little damage.

When you come to the stairs make sure everybody moves together and ignore all the mobs until you reach the great Treekin/thingy at the top. You must do this because a barrier appears at the bottom of the stairs soon after the first person goes up.

Moving right on to the first boss.

Chul, the Tosser

Chul crits you for over 9k. You have died.
No, actually Chul is kind of a sissy. The only thing different that he does is that he randomly tosses someone down a great pit. There are quite a few lizards at the bottom. Anyone tossed down should just run up and alert the party of incoming mobs at which the OT or any dps should focus on getting them off the healers while the boss melts away. Otherwise, just keep the main tank HoTed and make sure to through a Leaping Alteration whenever it's off the cooldown. He might silence you for a wee bit. If you're having trouble healing this it can save your lot's asses when you get silenced. Gratz on the almost free loot. Talk to the NPC. Move on through the river.

There is a cave to the right here. It's filled with Gorgers (I think they are). At the top and after a bridge you'll find the next boss.

Larg, the Stomper

Get every single person in the room. Tank&Spank him down. Once in a while he'll start stomping the ground for a small amount of damage every second or so. Just detaunt him if need be. Otherwise, heal as usual. Moar lootz!

Once done, get back down the cave and continue forward towards the patrol of Ogre&puppies. Soon after that you come to a set of stairs that can be tricky. I've wiped on these stairs a lot (and I do mean a lot) until I found a way around them. Be that as it may, the way we did it was: we pulled the first group a bit away from the stairs and waited for the scout to go get the second group. We then proceeded to take that group down, still away from the stairs, before moving on up. I must admit we had pretty well geared healers and 3dps so this might be more difficult with lower dps and less healing output. Alternatively, I believe all you have to do to make this easier is kill the scout before he gets away. Try quaking or any kind of knockback/snare.

Once you're through with the stairs, you'll want to enter the second opening on the right, when you get to the ruins by the cliff. Inside you will find...

Butcher and Gnoblar, The Married Couple

These two are the reason most parties do the dungeon with two tanks. Don't ask me what to do with all the items that supposedly help in this fight, I wouldn't know. Stand in front of the tent or inside the hole in the wall, it won't matter much. The tank should tank the Butcher by the left wall, with his back (the tank's) against the wall. The other tank, if existant, should tank the Gnoblar on the opposite wall, near the dirt pile. All they have to worry themselves about is killing the Gnoblar at Butcher's 75, 50 and 25% hp and retaunting the new Gnoblar that spawns. What you have to worry about is the heavy damage the offtank beggins to suffer when it is time to finally kill him. Being specced high in Dark Rites helps in this fight but, if your OT s a bit squishy it might not be enough. And you can't afford to let your MT get hit for too much either. Just focus heal on the OT when he magically jumps to below 50% hp and group heal them both until the gnoblar is down. When the new one spawns, keep the OT perma-HoTed and focus on the MT. Should do fine.

Hug the wall, past the bridge. Careful because the trees in the bridge dump AoE pools (they look a lot like Mistress of the Marsh) that can really hurt.

Once you get to a platform thingy have players all stand in one of the stone cyrcles. As a Zealot, stand on the one to the far left and let the MDPS stand on the ones to the right. They kill the mobs, you probably get silenced a bit by aggroed sprites. Mobs dead, speak to NPC, move on to the hardest boss of the right wing. After you kill all the tree mobs you might want to aggro a Pain Spire to have your tanks build up morales until they reach Morale 4. This way they can easilly withstand the first blow oooof

Gorak, the Fugly Electrician

At the beginning of battle (after you kill the Sprite, and please remember to or you'll be silenced for most of the fight) make sure everyone is well spaced out and avoid standing close to one another.
This boss has two stages. The first stage he will do frontal cleaves that do pretty heavy damage to anyone caught by them. So keep the MT HoTed and keep dishing out your big ST heal. Due to my Blessing of Chaos I can have this one crit for around 3500 hp so it really helps with the cleave business. Once you see him take the, what I like to call, "taking a dump" position, detaunt him. He will knock everyone back and hit people with a ball of lightning that can eat out half the health of squishies or more. I remember that he deals around 500 when detaunted. I would assume unwarded players are insta-gibbed. This attack is AoE so if someone stands next to another they'll both get hit, hence the spacing thing at the beggining. Time for heavy group heals. Don't bother with Morale 3 as this is a magical attack. Right around the time your detaunt ends, he'll revert back to cleaving as usual. Focus on healing the MT again. This is one of the few bosses in here with an enrage timer. If you don't kill him around his third lightning stage, you will die.

If you succeed, congratulations. NPC, moving right along. Place your self res as soon as you encounter any mobs as this boss aggroes without being attacked or taunted or anything.

This... is... SARTHAIN

Once you get in the wooded area, move left. Place one of your dpsers in the first clearing you find. Keep moving forward and place your tank and mdps here. See that stone near the water more to the left (if you're facing the boss)? Place a rdps there. These should be their positions when they run out. You don't need to have one but more on that later.
You all jump on to the island (although you have the range to not do so if you prefer) and dps the boss heavily. You'll notice some text going on about how Corruptors spawn and channel power and Bob Loblaw's Law Blog. Just keep AoE healing the grunts in the middle. Once they all spawn have everyone take their appointed positions. If someone gets rooted they will take slight damage in very fast ticks. Just Flash them back up. Anyone rooted will be silenced though so place a HoT on yourself when the rooting phase is on. Once the shield is down around the Corruptor's the dps need to be quick about it to get them down or else they will heal the tree back to full health. Just DoT and debuff them as much you can. When done with them wait for the timer on the tree to run down and then everybody moves in again. If you move in the water before the timer runs down you will die. Well, not necessarily but quite probably. Just avoid the water at any cost. Ranged abilities are ok during this phase though so feel free to mangle it with your UBER Scourge...
Anyways, that's pretty much all there is to it. Not much for us to do here except debuff the targets, group heal while in the island and save rooted people.

NPC back at the beach and...

YOU'RE ALL DONE! Congratulations. Be disappointed. Well if you had my luck you would be...

Cya next time.

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