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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Healing Tips: Part 1

  1. For fast renown, heal ppl when they jump off keep walls.
  2. Just throwing HoTs around when in a funnel and you've got your entire party of MDPS/Tanks under oil is NOT OK.
  3. When being targeted by anything never run to the other healers. Run near a tank or a dps that can help kill it, or else they will just jump from killing you to killing the next one.
  4. Refrain from using your knockbacks except when absolutely necessary. Targets shold not be made immune to tank punts.
  5. Position yourself, whenever possible, away from ledges and with your back to a wall.
  6. When in doubt, ask for help


  1. Healing people jumping off keep walls won't give you renown unless they're in combat and have participated in killing or killed someone recently. :P

  2. Once me and a warband were guarding Memory and passing time trying to climb the ruins. I got 1 RP everytime I healed someone that fell off. Including me. Unless someone was stuck in combat, being in a BO healing is just as good as being in a BO being useful.

  3. Well, you could go around picking Ordnance for 1 RP. :P

  4. Oh if only ordnance was as easy to find as suicidal players we could definitely see more of those new shiny devices to ram keeps with.