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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The orc is leaving the ship

Fear not, as the zealot is still staying :)

Anyway, this started off as a 3 person blog that rapidly turned into a 2 person blog when our esteemed Nirvaesh stopped playing.

Now it's going to turn into a one person blog as I'm off in search of a diferent land, leaving Sara as the only member of this blog.

By no means i intend on stop playing. Far from it. Actualy, I intend on playign evenmore than I have lately, I'm just gonna move my rantings to a diferent place.

From now on, besides checking Super Effective, take a peek at Tea Forks as well as that's gonna be my rambling spot from now on.

I'll be sure to deliver a fair ammount of Choppa related stuff, alongside some


  1. I see this as a good change and I added you to my blogroll, eventhough I don't get the name of the blog, but who am I to talk :D. Good luck. Looking forward to bumping (and attempting to kill) into both of you.

    PS: Is it me or does this post cut off at the end?

  2. If you hear an Orc yell, sometimes it'll say something that could be interpreted as "TEA FORKS" or "TEETH ORKS".

    And yes, it does. He's a good guy but he tends to leave things half done :P