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Friday, March 19, 2010

I rolled a healer... 8 times.

So what's the deal with all this new blog thing? Turns out that once I find something to read I always feel like there's something more than can be said. Even though there are some awesome WAR blogs out there, some take things a bit too serious for my own taste (but we still love u shadowwar) or simply don't deal with the european servers.

I guess you can say I'd rather pay attention to the green bars than to the red ones. Red is scary and I'm a girl.
Or maybe I'm insecure and need people to love me. And everyone loves a healer.
Or maybe I'm just fed up with other healers doing jack shit when everyone else is dying so I end up taking matters into my own hands.
Hm. Whatever it is, I'm a healer now and I have a hard time getting myself to do anything else.

I might be one of the few "serious" gamers (*snicker*) over the age of 13 that can say that WAR was their first MMORPG. It all started a little over a year ago and I chose to be a healer because, well, I was under the misconception that by staying in the backline I could avoid responsability. Turns out that, due to my noobness, I ended up trying harder than most, got good SC scores and got motivated to become a rockin' healer. And zealots looked cool.

As of now, I'm the proud brain behind a 40/5x Zealot, a 26 dps Zealot (yes, there is such a thing), a 40/3x Sac DoK (pathetic), a 12ish DR DoK, a 31 da Green Shammy, a 17ish Runepriest, an 8ish AM and, my current main, a 31 Isha AM. No WP? Azgal seems to have more than its share of WPs.

Being a Super Effective healer isn't a one-man/woman job though. Always rolling with my own personal tank and rdps helps quite a bit, especially when all I have to do is yell "oooh, a WE's just spotted me" and my guard gets on range and the skanky stabber gets rooted.

I might have more to say but those clothes ain't gonna hang themselves and those dishes are pilling up.

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