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Monday, March 29, 2010

"Darkdeadly deals devastating damage," says Dextrose Docinho

That's pronounced "Do-see-ñoo" not Docking Ho.

Alliterations aside, which have been further prolongued by my choice of screenshot, this be the truth. Most Magi do deal tons of damage. You'll see them deal less deathblows though. Yet, Magi seem to be the most memorable characters for me. I can remember at least five Magi from the top of my head (Darkdeadly, Jimix, Zoycolt, Yogiroth and Lowprofile) but I can't say the same about any other class. They just look so imposing and bad-ass, makes me want to cuddle up against them.

So, why Magi all of a sudden? Well, after my short adventure in the guise of a dps Zealot, I missed the true dps of my Magus. On Dex I hopped and damage I most surely dealt. I have been reading Keagen's guides and whatnot but, me being me, I can't follow instructions very well. I just do what comes natural to me.

What comes natural to me is this: always look for a clusterfuck; start off with a Glean Magic to lower spirit resist; slap on Dissolving Mist, half of it where they are, half of it where they are likely to move to; Pandemonium for more dps, Surge of Insanity if there are casters in the midst; Seed of Chaos on a retreating tank; coup de grace with an Infernal Blast, followed by a Warpfire and some good whooping with Daemonic Lash for good measure. For single targets I add all the other DoTs, Baleful Transmogrification, Withered Soul and even a Mutating Blue Fire. I usually throw in a Surging Violet Fire paired with Changer's Blessing if I lack healers. It's probably not the most effective way to go about it but, for me, it's the second most fun I could ever have with a Magus. Why second? Because Magi have a suicide spec more suicidal then any emo Sorc out there.

In my dreams I see a world where Magi roam freely and are loved by all. Treated as equals, they feel free to spec however they wish. In this world there are some who spec for close-combat damage, reeling their enemies in with a Chaotich Rift and acting like a hot plate with their Agonizing Torrent and Aegis of Orange Fire. But they are not alone and, right behind them, more Magi come and cast the aforementioned AoE DoTs. And if some dare survive, behind them are even more Magi with their Tzeentch's Firestorms, Perils of the Warp and Bolts of Change. Who needs healers anyway? Give me more Magi any day.

Again, this might not be the best way to go about playing a Magus but, the best way isn't what Dex is about. I play Dex to unwind from doing the right thing, from ressing people in scenarios (yes, because I do that), from keeping other parties other than myself HoTed from spamming group heals when necessary, criting for 3k. I play Dex to see them purty white numbers fill my screen. It's gratifying.

On a related note, there seems to be hope for me yet! I decided to stop whining and bitching and random arm-flailing and went back to my AoE spec. Seems I'm better at what I "grew up" doing. Which must be why I play vanilla. Well, mostly. What I mean is, I don't use Squared or Healgrid or anything like that. Yes, that might be my loss but, honestly, I've tried it and I seem to spend so much time remembering how to do things that I end up using my good old reliable hotbar and party windows. With that in mind, I went back to AoE, determined to do the best I could and pray for the best. Must've been a good day for my Restorative Burst because AP wasn't too much of an issue yesterday. And most, if not all, of that damage came from my Manipulation, a little something to remind me of my DPSing days.

Speaking of DPSing Zealots, I saw Bauros in full Invader, or Conqueror or what was it, DPSing in a SC. Although I wasn't impressed by his output, I was impressed by his renown gain. He was in my party so he wasn't whoring. You'll notice that the boss, Mike and I ranked right after the dude/dudette and we all have similar RRs. I am yet to fully comprehend how this renown table works.

All in all it was a good day for me to be back on Norn. Most of all because I found my buddy Krueg again! Krueg was one of our off-tanks, back in the day where we still had a guild to speak of. He was a RAWRing Khorne worshipper that could always lighten the mood. He had a ficticious homossexual affair with our other Chosen, Ranark who has since also gone the way of Jimmy Hoffa.

Krueg is currently following his heart and pursuing his love for naked lady elves, i.e., he rerolled a WE. We hope to see him back in T4 with us soon.


  1. Hello, hello :) Hadn't seen your blog before. Cool to find another Nornite blaaagher ;)

    I've got a Magus I play now and again, also a changing spec AoE bot. It's a fun class despite the well known issues.

    Just started a Zealot too... dubious DPS is so tempting ;)

  2. Thank you Bootae. I must confess, I want to be just like you when I grow up. But... still a girl.


  4. Jeebus, shut the front door! Sorry Bootae, but I have a new hero.