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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eat mah Scourge and DIIEE!

First of all, a heartfelt thank you to all you ppl out there that noticed my meager atempts at entertaining the WAR community. I've gotten teary-eyed at seeing my weak-ass banner over at Blurring Shock (I don't know the first thing about Paint Shop, I'll admit it now), I giggled at the mention of me over at Werit's and Grimnir even twitted about me! I love you guys. Oh and, btw Mr. Mann (dude, your first name should totally be Sirius), the Magus healing tree would be Havoc as it has the Changer's Blessing tactic. So there!

So, I went back to Norn. I'm a destro child, after all and I missed being the underdog. I gave the donkeyspeak (that's what I call her because that's what Ehone sounds like. Thank you, GOA, for renaming my character after a freaky animal sound) another try because, after all, she is my main. After 50 rrs, I felt kinda bad that all the action it saw lately was as a crafting mule (donkeys again...).

Here I go, all hyped up about being awesome and healing lots and then on the first scenario I go like "Whaaaa...?" and heal around 200k. Meager. "Maybe," I thought, "I just need to spec out of this AoE tree. Everyone says the single-target one is the shizzle." So there I go, spend half my money, spend five minutes rearranging my tactic/actionbar and queue up again. Up comes Serpent's Passage and I go in all gung-ho, flinging my knife up in the air like there's no tomorrow and "Whaaaaaaaa...???" Some 150k this time.

"Fuck this" I said, and about time I did too. I don't know, maybe the AM ruined me for Zealot, with it being so full of AP and having just a single tree to spec healing in. Maybe playing Order for so long ruined me for my destro mateys. So, "fuck this", I said and promptly added "I'm gonna spec DPS."

This might seem like an odd choice but it's not the first time I've made it. I rolled another zelly (the Donkeywrath, in honour of his older sister) and invested solely on intelligence and toughness gear and talis. First two tiers it was the foshizzle to the tizzle wizzle. I could solo the moon, if the moon happened to be the same rank as me and totally not expecting me to fight back, and always ranked in the top 5 dmg dealers. Healing was subpar as I usually only managed to dish out around 20k per SC.

So then what happened? Then the hate happened. Of course, I was totally expecting to get some flaming and nerdraged a lot because if other healers are slandered for dpsing, a Zealot gets farted in the face. That zealot must have my longest ignore list ever. But it got to a point where I just wasn't having enough fun with it to continue. When you get another zealot bitching in /sc about how "you're doing it wrong" and laughing at your scourge when he's only outhealing you for 5k and you're outdpsing the **** for about 25k, it makes you think "what's the point?". So that one went on the shelf at rk26.

As I had recently read a post on the official forums about a possible build for a dps zealot but couldn't apply it because you needed some 50 rrs, I grinned at the prospect of finally shedding my "SuperHealer" shell and doning a "lookatmeI'mtryingtokillstuffLOLZ" awesomesuit. I nerfed my healing, buffed my damage, had the harbringer do its thing and had the ritual throbbing in all its manly vigor.

How was it? Meh. It was a change that's for sure. Of course, I was wearing half Sentinel gear, seeing as I have salvaged all my Conq/Inv gear, so I'm now neither a good specimen of a healing nor of a dps zealot. I'm there, I smite and I'm mediocre.

Think I might have borked my Zealot skills for good with this one. Fret not, though! I still have a Magus to ding but that, dear gent and ladies, is a story for another day.


  1. What if my first name is actually Siruis?

  2. That means that whoever named you is awesome and it also means that I rolled a Nosferatu in Mage: The Ascension named after you.

  3. I'll leave it up to your imagination =)

  4. Also, I'd be able to ask you "Why so serious?" and snicker.

  5. Hey Sara, I'm gonna have to look at for you on Karak Norn!

    It's funny you think Order are on top on Norn though, I was sure it was Destro!

  6. Yeah, I guess things have changed a bit. It's just that, as I die so much, I feel like I'm on the losing end. My death is a great loss to all of us, after all.