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Thursday, March 25, 2010

How many WLs does it take to kill a Shammy

So, I was effing about in Azgal's T1 with my male AM (Tryharder) to pocket Mike while he ranked his new slayer (Epikk) when I spot a battle waging in the middle of the warcamp. Now, I've seen wc guards be useless before but never to such an extent. Turns out 3 rk 10 shammys (trials, no doubt) found a neat yet completely obvious way to storm into the Order warcamp. All the non-Hero NPCs punched and spat at the greensters to no avail and the Heroes were scratching their virtual nuts looking the other way.

They got a pretty decent amount of kills in before someone asked for help in /1. I guess it must be a different kind of satisfaction, being an OP trial.

Luckily for us, or maybe not as much as I initially tought, it was Psych's bday. Happy birthday Psych! (BTW, I have no idea who Psych is) and his fellow guildlings threw an event just for him. And so it was that 16 members of The Asguards all rolled WLs and happened to be nearby to help with the shamy crysis. The whole thing reminded me of Kill Frenzy's WAAAGHMAGEDDON. Only less epic.

Make sure to visit Bootae's Bloody Blog for more Kill Frenzy videos.
Make our dreams come true indeed.

So 16 WLs + 16 Lions + Renown Trainer + Random Orders = Win, right?
Not so much. It took a considerable amount of time to down just one of the buggers. Alot more than what I would've expected. Im considering just skipping T1 entirely from now on and plvl straight to T2 just so I don't have to deal with trial accounts. Considering there are already trial guilds and whatever, I just don't have the will or the intestinal fortitude to deal with organized OP toons while babysitting the headless chickens on my side who are just learning the ropes.

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