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Friday, March 26, 2010

Battle Object... Is this some kind of weapon?

The WAR blogging world has been up in arms about this little jem of a review and I agree. It's a load of bull. But I'm not going to dwell on every factual mistake the guy made. Not only are they obvious but Shadow-war and Bootae hade done a stellar job at it already. I must say though, one of my biggest gripes with it (me being somewhat of a linguist) is the "run over large areas to defend a Battle Object or Keep" line. "Oh Lord, they are attacking the Trebuchet! We must defend! RAWR!"

Still, I was even more apalled at the subsequent comments at this so-called review. I clicked on the link expecting to see reflected on other posts what I myself had felt when reading it. Something not too far from the need to gag. But imagine my amazement when people left and right were actually agreeing to this nonsense with the suposed authority that they HAD played the game. If they had would they have not noticed the blatant falacies of the wannabe-article? Like the inacuracy of, say, the number of pairings or the "races" you can actually play?

Taking this small sample of people (or should I just call them WoW players cuz that's what they are, really) WAR's biggest problem is the lack of PvE content. *snickers* Ok, I'll give them that. You do have a lot of mobs in the game but yes, they all behave the same. A wolf and a halberdier will behave the same. After all, they're both out to kill you and their sense of preservation triggers only when their death is already inevitable. And yes, there are few PvE instances (just HV, Mt Gunbad, BS, Saccelum, BE, BB and its Order counterparts, LV, LoTD -although not an instance-, every tomb in LoTD and ToVL that I can think of).

Apparently SCs are WAR's downfall because they're murdering ORvR. They could be onto something there. I, myself, haven't done ORvR in about a month or so but that could be because I hadn't done anything else for so long. So now, on Order side, We're mostly chilling in Sigmar's Hammer (lord, that place is tiny) and queueing back-to-back. This doesn't mean that everyone else has given up on ORvR. In fact, the most blatant proof that they haven't is the constant IC/Altdorf pushes with multiple King Kills a day.

"Oh but there isn't enough content for us solo players?" Could there ever BE a more no-lifer argument? Srsly? There are hundreds if not thousands of people playing the same game you are, in the same server, possibly in the same zone but you're so socially underdeveloped that you REQUIRE to play the game solo? If that's not the case, if you simply just chose to visit a stale zone at a dead time of day and you feel like playing, well, do a few quests, Epic Quests will keep you busy. Or better yet, go read a book and come back at a decent time, dimwit.

I admit, I'm not a good critic of these people. I'm a WAR player and before I was, I was a MMORPG virgin. So WAR is pretty much all I know. Maybe WoW or whatever had some riveting PvE content but, as Shadow-war said before me, I just can't feel an emotional connection to an NPC. I just know that every mdps trying to kill me just sighs and frowns when they realise their inability to do so and I love that. I love knowing that, a few thousand miles away, there's someone just a liiiittle bit more frustrated and it's because of me.

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  1. Good post. Just found your blog through Grimnir on Twitter.
    Now, I am actually new at WAR, but a long time MMO player (going on 7+ years).
    Your points are quite valid. PvE is not a strong point in WAR...but it was not meant to be. The thrill is in the battles. The mobs are great fun to fight, but give me a real and unpredictable player, and I will be pleased.
    I have been moving so fast through PvE that I do not see how people can dwell on it anyways..

    All this reviewer is but a DAoC player who misses that game and wishes a newer game provided that feel...Not going to happen.

    Glad to see you enjoying the game (especially with it being your first). My wife loves it and my son loves it also (good premade

    You keep on, and I will be reading.

    Check out my blog also at