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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fire Hazard

There are some inherent hazards to gaming. Most of us have come across the "Tasty Beverage Vs Keyboard" and the family attriction ones. Other difficulties and challenges include swelling of the bladder, the "OMGthepizzaguy'satthedoorbutifIstophealingwealldie" syndrome and the failure to realize what time it is until RvR dies down and then you've only got 2 hours of sleeping time left.

But never had I thought that I would one day find myself typing "lol my desk just caught on fire." Fret not, it wasn't a leaping flames kind of accident. More of a persistent foul smell and scattered ashes affair.
As any smoking WAR player that is allowed/wishes to smoke while playing knows, every now and then, a coffin nail will wither to ash without as much as three puffs worth of emphysema taken from it. What I now advise is to make sure you let them go to waste AWAY from pack wraping plastic.

This ended up sounding like an anti-smoking manifesto (and if that's how you wanna take it, more power to ya) but it was intended to just be a medium of sharing the changes introduced to my life by WAR. I've learned alot, including:
  • Zone lock leeching (i hear some call it "freenowning from zone flips" Òó) is not conducive to productive studying.
  • If you only have 20 minutes before you have to leave but you just want to get that one SC in before you go, you're gonna be late.
  • Mind the clock if you're not planning on cooking for dinner tonight. Pizza delivery people need to get home to their chars too.
  • Have a fire extinguisher handy (I do).
But don't give up on gaming just because it's hazardous. After all, what isn't? Couch-potatoeing leads to cardiac arrest (you know I'm right) as does jogging or strenuous excercise (ok, maybe less so) and people even die in their sleep! Setting your house on fire seems like a minor setback now, doesn't it?

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