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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Every once in a while I log in with a char with which I haven't filtered off the advice channel yet.
It serves as entertainment in the long stretches between SC pops. Apart from the old favorites (WoW bashing, guild advertisement and trade spams) you get your noobish but valid questions and your noobish nab questions.

Some I'll always answer like:
  • "Where to get mount?" (North oh the Monolith or Near Sigmar's Hammer for 15g)
  • "How do I use these talisman thingies?" (it says so right there, in any slotted item. Shift+rclick it)
  • "h0w name pet??" (/petname . Squigs and Horrors are not namable, they're cannon fodder. Although you might have named your coffe maker, Turrets are machines and, therefore, unamable.)
Others, however, always generate heated discussions and every nerdrager that happens to be logged in takes the opportunity to nerdrage a bit more.
  • "Is this server balanced?/Does our side ever win?"
  • "What's most fun to play?" (Magus, duh. How can anyone even ask that?)
  • "What heals/hits/tanks best?" (no accounting for taste but I personally prefer AM, BG and BWs)
  • "Is this game worth paying for?" (everyone currently logged in above rk11 should think so, so what kind of question is that???)
  • "Why do all healers suck!?" (healers suck as much as everyone else, it's just that everyone else dies when they do.)

Yesterday, though, I caught a heated discussion not only on the balance in both Norn and Azgal but also on its reasons. Mostly these reasons come down to "healers don't heal" or "we sux" and other constructive remarks but, this time, seems like there was more to be said.

According to someone's opinion, Norn wise, Destro has the numbers, Order has the guilds. Not to say that we don't have guilds, it's just that most of them suck.
 I don't wholeheartedly agree with this but yes, it has always seemed to me that we have very few organized and useful guilds. There's Evil Inc (to which I was part of for like 3 days) and maybe Tainted. Chlopi Chaosu is always recruiting and Damned Souls ain't half bad (wonder whatever happened to CIR). There are others but if the zerg sees a few Red Guard they turn on their "headless chicken" switch and everything thereafter is full of fail.

I, myself, have never been part of a big, organized guild and I admit I'm a worst player for it. In one year of playing my main is only rr5x and I've been to one full LV run (and in the span of those 5/6 hours I got 5 DP pieces, none of them for my class).

I guess it's all a matter of loyalty and that'll be The End of us (see what I did there?). Out of loyalty, I'll stay put in our 3man guilds, and I'm happy there. It's the kind of gaming I know and love. And even though the boss tries to recruit, what is he going to get? No >rr50 guy is likely to join us, they have their own allegiances and guilds and whatnot. End-game players in rk40 guilds only leave their guilds to join other rk40 guilds. So you have the same guilds everytime with players that might jump between them but never new guilds. We get to recruit rk12s and maybe the occasional 20ish. But with us being 40, what are they even doing there? There's not much they can do with us and plvling takes the fun out of the race.

I dunno. I'm not much for gaming-studies. I just log in and play. I don't usually dwell on these advanced playing tactics or what the best build is or whatever. Call me an instinctive player.
I used to think that, if we made a name for ourselves, they would come but I'm over such childish fantasies. They come and they go and we're still here. And we will be as long as the boss's computer holds out.

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