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Friday, October 15, 2010

Andy Made Me Feel Dirty, Bootae Made Me Feel Special

First part is simply because a bunch of us was asked to join Order side last week, and that didn't go down well. Not that he asked but what I got to witness on the other side. The level of organisation either was good but extremely cold or non-existant. Not really my thing, further solidifying my belief that Orders are all starch-arses, as Torgaddon would say. I just didn't really like it, except when I got to kill a few known Destro. The whole environment was so heavy that it made me itch. I guess that realm pride has become a bit stornger in me than what i thought.
Don't take it personally. Or do. /shrug

Bootsie made me feel special because I feel I have learned more in ths hort time I've been in Kill Frenzy about my own playstyle and working as a team than what I had in all my previous time PUGing in WAR. I have also earned better loot and more renown. However, I have also been faced with the dylemma that almost every single time I log in I feel the need to heal as I like to be helpful and everybody needs a healer. Doesn't give me much time to play my beloved DPSs or rank up my aussum BG. Being part of this new group also showed me that the player that is behind a certain class is just as important as its gear/rr. Some people just can't seem to do anything right together while others are ideal groups. It has more to do with synergy between certain people than their actual skill.

Will have more interesting things to write about tomorrow, I hope. I'm just hella booooored ATM.
Here, have a cube that's not really a cube more like some solid shape with an indefinite number of sides which aren't really indefinite it's just me that's too lazy to think about it so I just call it a cube.

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  1. I hope you'll be siding with Order tonight ;)

    I see we were both in the same warband as well.