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Monday, October 25, 2010

DPS Zealot, The Double-Edged Dagger

I've done some serious testing, even FRAPSed it (although chances of it becoming an actual posted video are close to none as I don't have much free time on my hands to devote to learn how to make a presentable thingy).

I was surprised, impressed even, at the Zealot's ability to deal real damage and real kills, despite most of them being stolen. In the same exact specc, changing only my tactics and toggling on/off the Harbinger, I was healing the same as usual, which was very good.

Bear in mind we're talking about a rr70 Zealot in good gear so results may difer.

So, what I did was:

Tactics: Divine Fury (yes, I ended up using it after all cuz, frankly, I don't need to switch back to healing when in a premade with (an)other good healer(s)); Chager's Touch (the heal debuff is as sweet as I expected); Waves of Chaos, Scourged Warping.

I had to turn on Duff timer, which I don't usually use with my healer, so I could have some visual input of when Scourged Warping ticked and to check the efficiency of Changer's Touch.

I am pleased.
I would recomend all you Zealots started switching to DPS as well, if the battle is going in your favor.


  1. boy cheers this should help me loads
    btw what do you use for healing as i am having troubles adjusting as a lv 32 rr 23 zealot XD

  2. Congratulations and welcome to T4.
    You will find that, healing wise, Zealots can heasily match higher renown healers and we owe much of it to Leaping Alteration.

    I did all my leveling up in the Dark Rites mastery, not only for DoP but also for the afore mentioned Leaping Alteration and those are still my 2 favorite spells today, when healing.

    When I turn the Harbinger on I may throw a LA to the front lines and some Cordials and when I turn it off (either because we're suffering or I'm being focused) I immediately spam a few Flashes and resume my DoP, Cordial, LA rotation, applying some Elixirs if needed.

    I'll post a "guide" about our DPS variant in the not-so-distant future.

  3. thank you very much I think this will help, personally i don't spam LA that much due to a few ppl moaning about HOTS (yes i do know he is a little off)
    My healing has improved recently, but i am still finding it difficult in SC when a RR 80 WL comes over and teabags me to death while my party watch in awe....... getting rr 80 will be a real bitch unless this supposed 65 level separation is true, any ideas?

  4. Ok, I've made a little post about HoTs and general survivability, hope that helps ya.