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Thursday, October 21, 2010

You Can Take The Postern Door If It's Raining Or It's Cold

As the group approached the keep, the familiar cries of the horrors of war reached their ears and they shared a colective grin as they decided upon their strategy.
The softer ones would head for the postern, avoiding a possibly dangerous confrontation at the front gate as Parsley would move in on the unsuspecting backlines to stagger them and help the current defenders get a better foothold.
After they parted, Parsley dismounted and did the best he could to protect himself from retaliation so he could get as close to the keep's walls as he could.
But then something caught his eye. Something orange and red and hot all over.
"Fredek..." he grunted between clenched teeth and, as his grip around the hilt of his sword tightened, he discarded the plan he had agreed upon and moved in for the kill.
The memory of all their previous confrontations flooded his mind and warped his vision and all he saw now, as he removed his helm, was red. Fredek was being his usual casual self, disregarding his safety for the sake of high burst damage and Parsley timed his charge just right so he would reach him when he was at his most vulnerable.
But he was spotted as he walked up the hill, a lone Shadow Warrior beggining to shower him relentlesly with her poisonous arrows. Parsley lurched forward, his speed incredibly reduced, and dodged as much of the arrows as he could. Fredek was still blissfully unaware of his presence as he got within striking range of him but the archer's assault was unrelenting and Parsley fell to his knees.
With his last flicker of strength, he reached for the Wizard's leg and bit down hard on his ankle, feeling the flesh tear between his teeth like veal.
Fredek looked down in horror as poison rushed from the wound to the rest of his body and the last speck of his vitality was drained. He fell down, face first and, as he saw the life go out of his eyes, Parsley growled with his own last breath:
"Touch of Parsley, bitch!"

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