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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Knights Stand for Honesty

Tebas stood nose to wood in front of the massive door, splinters striking his cheeks as fireballs, arrows and the occasional ram hacked away at the sturdy gate.

"Stand firm, men! Hold the line," he yelled, while equally brave men, elves and dwarfs toppled over around him, dead, at least for the moment.

He held strong to his shield as he felt his life draining and then quickly refreshed in overwhelming waves of blessings and curses from varied gods. He could hear battle howls from Greenskins and Chaos warped men and women from the other side of the door as they toiled away, relentlessly building up the defenses that were sure to destroy his efforts.

"Door is almost down," he reported, trying to hold up the morale of his companions, knowing they would owe what little victories they could muster to the dumping of their combined sheer force of will at a critical moment.

In a moment, the door collapsed and his nose greeted the black gleaming horned helm of a warrior. In his eyes he detected the grin of one who is sure of his victory but Tebas wasn't going down without a fight.

"Into them!" Bright light flared  from his forces as they pushed forward into the wall of dark armour that barred their way. He focused his hacking on the grining warrior and, after a salve of arrows and fiery explosions hit him, he struck the final blow, cuttind him down just seconds before a ray of green light struck his chest, ending this chapter of Tebas' life.

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