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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Something Tells Me It's All Happening At The Keep

Parsley wiped the green ooze from his helmet and then looked around for something to wipe his gauntlet to. Sensing his intentions, Thyme quickly retreated out of his line of sight.
"Well, what now?" asked Rose, sporting her new Carcass Guard and overhealing the group to test out her new abilities.
"I would suggest getting out of these sewers first," Sage chimed in, sounding overly calm for one covered in slime and nurgling bits.
Mary appeared from behind a rock that hadn't been there a minute ago and unfurled a scroll she produced from... somewhere. "Says here one of our keeps is being attacked in Reikland. Might be worth taking a look." Her eyes glinted at the prospect of a few real kills, against opponents with real talent, something far from the mindless charging of the dirty beasts she had spent the better part of the hour cutting down.
"Yes... Sounds good," nodded Parsley, eager to try out a new skill of his own device. His companions rolled their eyes until they turned white.

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