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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's a Light and Tumble Journey From The Outter Wall To The Keep

Thyme rode after Rose as they prepared to step through the first postern. They had left Parsley behind, although Thyme wasn't completely sure this plan was bound to succeed. Parsley seemed to have a tendency to lose track of what he was doing and... overextend, the knowledge of having two healers as support making him feel god-like.
They got through the first door unopposed and gathered up with some fellow comrades that had just made short work of a couple of foes. They all waited for them to collect their mounts, fully aware of the strength numbers provided, especially with them being without their favorite meat-shield.
As they approached the final door, they saw a couple of dwarfs anxiously looking around and griping their arms with shaken resolve.
"Oh," whispered Mary as she dismounted. "It's on." Thyme watched as her figure became ever more transparent and flickered until all he could see of her fine frame was its outline. Following her lead, a couple more of her sisters performed their own disappearing acts and the rest of the group charged in on their horses to create the distraction.
The Ironbreaker looked as stout as any rock Thyme had ever seen but his fellow Engineer's shakiness completely robbed the duo of any menacing look they might have possessed. Apparently resigned to go out in a blaze of glory against overwhelming odds, the Ironbreaker led out a terrifying howl that stunned everyone in front of him. Thyme sidestepped just in time as to not be affected by it and began trying to soften him up a bit as he saw the covenant of Witch Elves close in on the softer target.
The Engineer's rifle shot repeatedly in desperate blasts, causing but a little annoyance to the group's ears and he yelled in panic as a group of tall, pale women suddenly leapt at him with pointy knifes raised above their perfect heads.
The Ironbreaker turned just in time to see his Oath friend gush out the last remnant of his life and yelled a curse at the beautiful elves that now started to move in on him. Thyme continued his rotation of softening as Rose refreshed the witches and Sage bombarded the dwarf with shattered shadows.
Mary had waited for just the right opportunity to reveal herself and, as she did, she cut the life out of the valiant dwarf with a single, swift blow, much to the grumbling of her sister witches.
They all rushed inside and Thyme reached the front wall to find the assaulters unstaggered and Parsley's seemingly dead body laying next to one who he indentified as Fredek, a notorious flame-wielding Wizard.
As he slowly raised his staff to restore Parsley up next to him, he heard the Chosen babble something at the Bright Wizard's dead body.
He rolled his eyes at the grinning Parsley, once he was back up, and added in the shriekiest voice he had ever uttered: "I'm not rezzing you again!"

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