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Saturday, July 17, 2010


So I've been real silent lately, mostly because I've devoted most of my time to stop being a no-lifer.

Still, I woke up today and I thought "I'm gonna do something in WAR that means something. I need to feel like I accomplished something." I logged in dead-set on getting to rr62 at least. I got halfway there and then got an inv to join a ToVL run. GIEF!

So off I went ready to do my thing. Even respecced back to the AP ritual, even though I detest it. Seems I'll keep going back and forth with it when I need to PvE. We did most bosses fine, had to reset the damn thing once because one of the bosses decided to go off to visit his mom or something but, all in all, was a great run. Think I proved to some seasoned WAR veterans that my healing 500k in a sc can translate in keeping them alive in VL. And that was my feeling of accomplishment. Sure, the Tyrant shoulders and third Glyph were like "double rainbow oh my god"  (please do click) but making it known that my ability is reliable is priceless.

So, although I'm still a bit far from my renown goal, other pieces have fallen into place and as long as I can feel accomplished, I'm good.


  1. Aaaw, gz but gief ToVL run! I'm going to be RR70 before I get my first piece of Tyrant at this rate. :(

  2. You both did great on that run :) Always welcome in our Vulture groups ;)