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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

new SOV gear for MDPS

As you all know, Mythic has been tossing out the stats for the new sovereign sets.

Up until now, every archetype has been given two sets. a set that matches the archetype and a set for DPS. (exceptions are the RDPS who get one for DPS and one for survivability)

Now, i don't wanna sound like a prick here, even though i will, but even though i think that each person is entitled to play his class however they want to (bright wizard as MDPS? sure. zealot as RDPS? no problem.. just don't try to roll a healer choppa plizzz) i always thought that it would be a good idea to have the Sovereign sets reflect the archetype of each class.

i mean... you wanna be one of the Everchosen's zealots? then ffs heal more. you wanna be is favorite choppa? then don't hide in the backlines and chop more!!!!

But apparently that's just me.

I've been discussing the new SOV sets extensively these last few days with Sara and she always tells me "then post about it" but i wanted to wait for the mdps sets to be revealed, just in case there was something there that would make me say "ohhhh! now i get it". But unfortunately i still don't get it.MDPS got the "one set DPS and one set survivability" treatment.

What i'm wondering is how's this gonna roll out. i mean, as things are today, we already see in some scenarios tanks out-dpsing MDPS (and i have nothing against it. i actually respect each and every chosen that deals more damage than a pure DPS class) and, taking the risk of sounding too obvious now, part of that is because of the survivability factor.
Simple math. if you're alive during 98% of the time, you're gonna deal more damage than if you were alive only 80% of the time.

Now let's take a sample DPS chosen (I'm gonna call him Ranark The Kryg just so he has a name) and give him a two hander. if he's specced correctly and he knows what the hell he's doing, he can bash some serious head and spill some soaky red blood. Kryg there, even though he's thinking "shit, i'm thin as paper without my shield" is tougher than nails compared to a choppa (let's call the choppa Betty, just for context).

Even if you raise Betty's survivability, i'm betting that Kryg is still tougher.

And this is my main point... you raise a choppa's survivability but it's still gonna die more than a chosen (for obvious reasons.. and that's how it's supposed to be) but since the chosen has a SOV DPS set, he's gonna deal more damage than the choppa most of the time because of the "up-time" they have.

Same thing worries me about DOKs. Give Melael (my sample DOK for this ramble) a SOV DPS set, spec the guy in sacrifice, and look at him go!!!

what Melael The DOK doesn't have in toughness/wounds/armor, he compensates by healing himself through the dark powers of the bloody hand god. (Again, i have tons of respect for most DOK's out there. don't get me wrong)

Again, i think everyone is entitled to play their classes however they want to. it actually pisses me off when people yell at DPS zealots for not doing their jobs (healing, according to the guys) and i laugh my ass out when that same zealot out-dpses the guy that was bitching about it :P

but my bottom line is... i rolled a choppa cuz i wanted to DPS... apparently i chose wrong.

let's hope everything works out in the end :P


Epikk's cheat-sheet of character names
Ranark The Kryg - based on Ranark and Krueg, both former chosens of The End
Melael The Dok- based on Meelmael the Disciple of Khaine formerly from NOX (we miss you dude)
Betty - evil guy from Kung Pow


  1. The tank gets higher DPS numbers perhaps because he survives longer, but also, maybe, it's because no-one cares.

    I often get a chosen beating on me for ages and I just group heal through it. You can bet that if I've got a chopper or a WE beating on me I'm gonna hit my stagger, my knockback, my detaunt and run all over the shop!

  2. Oh and how much for an A1 poster of each of the above pictures?

  3. hehe those are my masterpieces man. ain't for sale :P

    and what really ticks me off is that the tank and MDPS sets are basically one and the same... i do like the tank one but the mdps one is soooo dodgy