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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reikland Factory... AGAIN!!#$%&*

Not this crap again, you're thinking. Yes, this crap again.

You know, I thought it was just me and Epikk hating this, seeing as we were fairly good players playing in disorganised pugs. I thought we were just getting the ugly end of the scenario and that it actually had potential.

No. Al llies. Lies and misconceptions. Even on a proper (or almost proper) premade with vent and everyting it's crap. Wtf cares about the flags, honestly? I want to get in the thick of it, keeping people up against impossible odds, not riding around almsot solo trying to cap this or that while the fight is going on somewhere else. And then I get ganked.

Nobody likes this. Nobody I've met so far, anyway. Epikk has even gotten an addon so he can queue for everything but Reikland Factory. That's how much the public loves it. It's a hassle, it's a paaaain, and we all hate it. With a will.

I for one loved that one that only popped during city sieges, Altdorf War Quarters or what was it. And I understand that making them count for the siege thing was ridiculous and unwanted but now that every instance is self-contained and independent, we could have it back. Or for the Weekend Warfront. Just having everyone from everywhere fighting it out on those two small corridors having to worry about nothing else but murder each other was great fun.

Another one of my favourites, as I stated before, is Mourkain Temple. It's small and simple enough to be exciting and the hill and ruins still provide various tactical options. So why not have that? Why have a scenario as big as a Reikland keep (or almost) where you have to roam to find your fights? I want space to roam outside the scenarios, not in them. I join scenarios because I'm guaranteed a fight there. I don't want to cap flags. In the grand scheme of things, what good is that flag anyway? And there's so many of them!

Or if you reeeeally wanna keep it, get rid of the farther flags. The other two, the tunnels and the stairs are enough to keep us guessing and busy.

Something. But I'm not going in there again. Not as is. Not if I can help it.

Have another zen moment.

No, that's not me. I'm much smaller. :)


  1. It is why Highpass Cemetary is my all time favorite scenario. You still have the altars, but the scenario is the smallest, and the fights are always the best. I rarely have seen spawn camps for it. Of course mythic would rather rehash the weekend scenarios.

    I am still wondering what part of the playerbase decided RF was a great scenario.

  2. Some of the best fights I've had have been in RF!

  3. RF was designed for three groups. At least at the time it was released in a live event it was a 3-group-sc.

    With two groups there is too much room.. The only thing this scenario is good for is farming tokens for the rvr-weapons. There are some nice fights nevertheless. The terrain is quiet nice as a healer.. you have thousands of options were you want to heal. Finding the right position is quiet fun in RF.

    It's just not like "'s rf" in the voice chat when this sc opens. ;)


  4. RF = Token farm. It's very fast and even if you get camped you can still have some fun punting people in the guards. If I want to kill people I go to ORvR. :P

  5. @zewar
    Yes ORvR is for killing people. And scenarios aren't? If you have to token farm don't you want to at least have some fun doing it? Usually we only queue to get away from the zerg anyway. And I can't punt anything that far. As soon as I start positioning myself to do so I'm already dead.

    The only thing nice about healing there is you can heal through walls or under Landing for a while without being spotted but if you're not careful your group moves on and you have to navigate those same walls to keep up. That is, if your group doesn't scatter or spend the whole scenario looking for the fight.

    But that's just my take on it. It just doesn't suit my playstyle and doesn't offer me what I'm looking for when I play.

  6. I guess zealots can't punt that well, roll a tank! Or a DoK. :P

    If I queue for a scen I can be 80% sure I'll get farmed. If I solo or duo roam in ORvR the percentage is much lower. I don't find getting spawn camped and farmed fun. That's why I consider token farm extremely not fun (well there are times when a scen can be fun, rare tho), and that's why I want to get it over with asap.