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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Playing Games With the Faces

At the gates of Altdorf a lone pair of guards stood watch. Forever vigilant in a state of suspended animation until our party drew close enough that they immediately took a defensive stance." "Who goes there?" One of them asked.
"Err, nobody much, really, just your average party going to the city for some shopping and training and all that."
"Yes?" asked the second one, "And what's with the dead tank behind you?
"Oh that? No, that's just battle fatigue. He's just tired that's all. Say hello." Parsley nudged Sage just enough so he wouldn't fall over again.
"What was that?" The first guard drew his weapon closer to him.
"Err, that's his name. Aeo. You know tanks, never really inventive when it comes to their own names." Mary did her best to look angelic and... good.
"And that Dwarf there looks a bit pale. You alright there, fellow?"
"Zog off!"
"What?" The second guard held his weapon with his good hand.
"I meants, By Grumble's sideburns I ain't pale I'm drunk! Hardeeharhar!"
"They're not buying it," said Rose.
"No, they don't seem to be. Oh well." Parsley stomped the ground. "Run for it! When the stagger ends we'll be far enough for them to reset!"
"What about Sage?" Mary and Rose struggled to move him to no avail.
"Sod him. You can res him from the inside. Or we can summon him. We'll figure something out, move!"
"Bye bye pointy ears!"
The stagger ended just in time for the guards to see them fade into the distance. They then noticed the shiny armor standing still before them.

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