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Monday, July 19, 2010

Mixing armor sets

Yesterday I hit RR 54 on Epikk.

Up until that point I was mixing 3 sets (lately it was 2 piece Invader, 2 piece Conqueror and 2 piece Dark Promise) solely for the triple STR bonus, and had WS slotted everywhere possible (except gloves. i have Melee Power there).

This was working fairly well for me as it gave me a little bit over 50% armor penetration (2H tanks were mostly a piece of cake to take down, except for 2 or 3 specific KoTBS), my STR was capped from the gear alone and my survivability was close to zero, giving Sara something to do.

Since I don't have the "private" flag turned on, every now and then someone would inspect me and one of two questions would pop up.

  • if they were low rank: "why do you stack WS, and can you teach me your rotation?"
  • if they were high rank: "why are you retarded? don't you know you don't mix 3 sets?"

to the low ranks I'd say "WS cuz my STR is capped, and I like to be squishy, and my rotation is so-and-so"

to the high ranks I wouldn't even bother answering, unless it was someone from the guild, or someone I knew from somewhere else.

After reaching renown rank 54, I decided that it was time to ditch Conqueror all together and give the "2 set only" a try.

result is... I'm confused... My STR is down, my WS is down, my Damage Bonus is down, my Armor Penetration is down... the only thing that's up is my survivability, because of the wounds and toughness bonuses, but not enough to make a difference.

To be honest, I didn't plan things a lot.. I just went to the bank, got my Invader Helm and Dark Promise Gloves, slotted them, equipped them, and jumped on some scenarios, without doing the math to see which pieces of each set would be more profitable to wear, and what tallis I should slot and all that, but my first reaction was "I'm not impressed".

I think I need something to hit repeatedly for a while so I can check stuff up and try some shit, but all things considered, I'm thinking I'll keep the 3 set configuration until I can run with Invader and Warlord.



  1. If my opinion counts for anything, think about this: most of the times, and I do mean most, this week when you died I was in the middle of throwing you a 2k heal. Problem with that is my 2.5 cast time. So if you lived just one second more you could avoid a death altogether. I have also noticed that, although your dps output has been rather good, your Death/Killblow ratio has been hand in hand which means your killing as much as you're getting killed. Maybe more toughness or wounds can improve that.

    But then again, what do I know, I just heal :p