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Thursday, July 1, 2010

His Bow Tie Is Really a Camera

"I say," said Parsley from within his new vestments, "these Warrior Priest robes are quite spiffy. Good thing they didn't have a Knight with them. Would hate to run around with a bird atop my head."
Rose eyed him maliciously. "I don't much like this hat but at least it doesn't have feathers."
"Feathers make me itchy."

At this point Mary came from behind the bushes sporting the robes of the Archmage she had just slain.
"Mary," Parsley asked, "Why is there blood dripping from your sleeves?"
"I got a little carried away."
"Hmmm Kmmmt mmmmmv!" The group turned their collective attention to the static Swordmaster armor behind them.
"Sage seems to be having some difficulties adjusting to his new role," observed Rose.
"I'll get him moving when need be. Or I can just kill him and you can keep resing him up ahead. Or we can summon him. Who cares! And where's the gobbo," asked Parsley looking around. It was then that Thyme jumped from behind the bushes wielding his new firearm.
"I think those mushrooms haven't worn off yet," sighed Rose.
"Tom, please behave once we get to the gates or I shall have to smite you with my new hammer."
Behind them Sage fell to the ground with a sound thump. Much groaning issued from within the shiny suit of armor. Parsley sighed.
"Ok lets get going. Mary, go clean that blood off, Rose help Sage up. Tom, put that turret away before you put an eye out."
"Look, I have a gun too," said Rose as she held the glistening and impossibly long pistol against the rays of the sun. "Fancy that."
"Oooh, gief it to me! I luvz guns now!"
"I'm starting to think this wasn't the best of plans," Parsley confided to Mary.
"It'll be fine," she replied. "Just have the goblin stay quiet and make Sage seem somewhat alive."

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