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Friday, May 7, 2010

Epikk's Choppa Guide to Lost Vale: Left Wing

Ok, so, the missus has been nagging me to write some Choppa guides to go with her Zealot guides to the several T4 dungeons and whatnot.

First of all, lemme tell you about my spec, so you can laugh at it a little bit :)

I'm a Savage Choppa at heart. To be honest i can't really live without Can't Stop Da Chop and Furious Choppin', and i allways have my thrusty Wot Rules? equipped.

As for a second tree, i usually go with Da' Wrecka when we're out dungeoning because even though i can't adapt to it for PVP, i do enjoy it for PVE because the AOE really helps when too many trash mobs start to hump my healer.

Now, the juicy parts.


My usual role is the main DPS guy (except on the bosses that are
easier to burn with ranged crap).

I don't really know if you other MDPSes out there use Don't Hate Da Choppa (or equivalent) for the reduced aggro when you're out clubbing or not, but i rarely do

Mainly because i've been a DPS for most of my life and as such i know how to controll my aggro pretty well, but also because i can use that extra tactic slot for something more useful, and Nirvaesh will yell at me if i lower my aggro too much cuz he's usually "chaneling" my aggro to himself (so, the more the merrier).

And i also have Hurtin' Time on at all times, as any respectable Choppa should.

As for Morale abilities, there's no M1 that's worth it, and M3 and M4 are just too far away considering that i always go for Tantrum when it becomes available, because the added damage is nice, and the fact that it doesn't fade when i go out of combat is a nice bonus.

i think that's it for general notes.

I'll follow Sara's lead on this one and i'll organize the rest of the post by Boss sections, so, here it goes...

Lake Lizard

Big Angry Cloud Boss


Slaanesh Cutie (I like to call it the Nipple Monster)

OK, this one is actually different.

I ALSO spam it, but i run arround lashing out some Lottsa Choppin because of the little adds that the Nipple Monster spawns (just so that they don't go pester the healers and RDPS)

This boss also makes me think of the movie Total Recall for some odd reason...

Dralel, the ICritYouToDeath Spider

Complete different approach here.

I don't even toutch the boss. that's a job for the tanks and maybe the other DPS if he feels like it. My sole purpose in life with this boss is to kill the little spiders that come from all over the place to try and reach the big-scary-spider-thing (i am an arachnophobe btw. the boss actually creeps me out a little bit) to raise it's crit.

Lottsa Choppin comes as a big help in this one as i can just run arround lashing at the little critters before they reach Dralel, and Charge! helps a lot when the thing knocks me back all the way to Burkina Faso and i have to run back ASAP to keep killing the adds.

On a side note, i love doing this boss with a Chosen, because i can let pass an ocasional spider and not worry about it because the Chosen's DPS aura will take care of it when the little one gets to his momma.

To be honest, the best part of this boss is after it's dead and we head back. I always just stand there and look at Sara trying to get out of the cave because she ALWAYS tries to exit through one of the fake holes on the wall that have big pillars of light coming out of them. Every time we kill Dralel she starts bitching about the Darkpromise Footwraps that never drop, and then she starts running against a wall, like a moth attracted to a lightbulb haha. there's also the now-so-classic "FUCK!" when she finally realizes that she's doing it again :P

All in all it seems that i spam a lot... well... i do. But whenever i say "spam" i don't mean just hit "4" untill the boss drops. My usual "spam cycle" for PVE mainly consists of a mix of Can't Stop Da Chop (my regular cookie cutter), Furious Choppin(for some added heals) and Go For Da Soft Spot(whenever i'm behind a boss), and i ocasionaly squeeze some other stuff in there just to be colourfull.

Anyway, that's that people.


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