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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Screw you with a stick, Shadowlost

AKA, "Preamble to LV guide: Setting up a party", alternatively "The Run-back Curse: The Beginning". I go with the more insulting, personal one cuz I started this damn thing I can insult whomever I want. Long live the interwebs.

Aforementioned Witch Elf is probably a nice person. I wouldn't know because he/she/it has ragequit on me twice in LV, on the same exact place so we never got to bond. I have the feeling it only needs stuff from the first boss and when it's done it leaves us hanging for a dps.

With this in mind, here's a short list of things to make sure you have when you embark on that sad sad journey that LV can be. If you're lucky and it isn't sad, it ain't the most thrilling thing in the world either.
  • Don't have a Shadowlost WE in you party, destro Nornites. It will only give you grief. It'll collect the shards and then leave after the first boss.
  • Be wary of Shamans. People who play them tend to be very fickle and a have a very short temper. Excellent candidates for rage-quitting.
  • DoKs are nice because their heals are quicker and they themselves are quick. Most DoK players are trigger-happy so they tend to keep moving.
  • Have an OT. At least for the right wing. There's a boss with a gobbo that is almost impossible with just the one tank and million choppas.
  • Be sure to resolve any loot issues ahead of time if you have more than one of the same career in your party.
  • Make sure everyone has at least 2 hours to spare for each wing you propose to do. It's harder to find replacements because nobody wants to start a run from the middle of a wing.
  • Apart from needing on dyes, make sure you all agreed on the loot rules of repairable Remnant equipment.
Next time, expect a post about LV's left wing from a Zealot point of view. Granted, it wasn't the best run to take notes but, alas, I take the runs I'm given and am gifted with extraordinary patience.

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  1. Nice breakdown of the classes. I love it because it is so true.