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Monday, May 3, 2010

Left my banner in El Segundo

And someone got it. An Order something starting with an L.
What happened was as follows.

After a tormentuous climb full of blood, sweat and tears I finaly gripped that final rocky ledge of rr56. Took me a week for one measly rr. So I decided to actively go looking for fights.

And so it was that, last night, after a few fails against several bombsquads, I found myself hoping from BO to BO hoping to secure Praag's Domination lock. Mike had gone to bed already so, as I was camped in Martyr's Square with my leech banner, I decided to log his Choppa in so he could earn a little renown while he slept. Isn't that what true love is after all?

Two minutes to go. Me and a few more jumped randomly around the flag, counting the seconds.
One minute to go. Just as a percautionary measure I slap down a ritual with Waves of Chaos around us to spot any eventual Witch Hunter.
Thirty seconds to go. Two people leave the BO, out of boredom perhaps. I don't understand why cuz they lost the Field of Glory buff or whatever it is that gives you 100% more renown or 150%... or something.
Twenty-two seconds to go. The first Bright Wizard gets rendered in the distance. "Son of a sack filled with dirty whores", I thought. "Need help at Martyr's", I typed. But not much help came. To their credit most of the people leeching did come. There just wasn't many of us at 3am.

Still we fought hard but we were just stragglers, all things considered, and we were up against 12 tight-knit players that beat the crap out of us over and over again.

However the "one-of-their-tanks+me" combo was not without merit, as a strategic Knockback made me immune to melee attacks for some 2 minutes. Time enough for me to res a couple of sorcs and healers up to my position and finally drive them from the BO. After we lost it, of course. And after my banner was stolen.

So after this debockle we went around to try and protect other BOs from further attacks. We found them, eventually but again we failed and we all decided this was a good time to turn in, while we still had some of our pride left.

During the day, when we have some good things happening, alliance Warbands close themselves up. God knows I understand them but some valid players are left headless-chickening around always one step behind. Oh well, I have myself to blame for my loyalties. :)

On an interesting side-note, I went to T1 on Ehone the other day, trying to find a good place for Undead farming (for the Undead Tome Tactic) and I noticed some of our guildies were leveling some T1 alts. So I told them to make a WB, make me an assitant in it and roll out to the lake. I, having since given up on the whole farming business, parked myself on Ch2's PQ (you know the one by the cliff with all the ppl with the rifles) and res the masses.

Thus was the setting in which we discovered this wonderful BG called Wraith-something. Let's call him Wraithfail. Wraithfail started following me becase, and I quote: "I saw you ride by". Apparently he'll chase anything with a skirt that "rides by". The WB leader didnt want to lead anymore so the party hat fell to me. Wraithfail proceeded to yelling "GIEV ME LAEED1!!eleven!!" I responded with a kick. "ESCUSE ME!" he said after he joined back. "Oh, I'm sorry. I pressed the wrong button." And he apparently believed me. After some more rambling about how awesome he was and random "You're in a scenario, lol"s I kicked him again. "EXSUSE ME, HELLO!1!" he said upon reentering. "I'm so sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me today, always pressing the wrong things." Dude replied with "well, you could stop clicking my name for starters" and I replied with another kick. He came back, of course. But at this point guildies had come back to proper tiers and I left them to do whatever. T'was fun that bit, goes to show you can always find entertainment in lower tiers.

Have a pretty flamer picture that has nothing to do with anything.

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