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Monday, May 10, 2010

WOO! Thanks to Jesus and the Pope!

No, this post has absolutely nothing to do with WAR.
Or very little at least.

So my team's da champ now, after a long dry spell. But Jesus came through for us, in the end, and, with a little help from the Pope (he's in town for a quick visit. People get the day off if they want to go see the Pope. So everyone's totally religious right now. Big surprise, huh), we finally walked away with the tittle. Man, I wish I was more into football (or soccer for all you Californians and Texans and... Michiganesians?), I would've been so happy. I remember the times when I still was, back in the day, back before I realised that my team lost every game I decided to watch. So I stopped watching and started gaming instead.

I'm not terrified of crowds but seeing this

turn into this

can frighten pretty much everyone. The subway workers pretty much went home and left everyone to do whatever they wished with their spray cans and beer cups and random hooliganism. It was like everyone had a free pass to do whatever because we finally won the big one. I mean it.

I wish people got that excited about king kills. If king kills were this exciting everyone would be doing it: banding together to push to the city, getting organised and actually listening so we could get to the big mofo and spank it down to dust to then be rewarded with a night of all-out drinking, random yelling and car-honking. I'd take that over any Sovereign piece. But maybe not two.

That'd be awesome.


  1. Damn you ! You support Benfica?? I support Everton. Damn you.

  2. Of course I do! It would be either that or Sporting. And Sporting is for snot-noused rich-kids.


  3. You beat us (Everton) 5-0 this season. Benfica are OP.

  4. Yeah, but we've been the underdogs for ages, even though we're the ones with the biggest fan base. We were like the awesome yet surprisingly unknown Magus that suddenly sweeps up and wtfpwns everything.