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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Zealot's Guide to Lost Vale: Left Wing

For your learning pleasure, I took part in one of the most god-awful runs ever. Just to take notes, of course, as nothing ever drops for me. Oh wait, something did drop. Two more belts, me now having 3 of those and a pair of gloves. Ain't I joyous. The run wasn't bad cuz we had a bad group. The run was bad because we barely had a group at all. I found a BO, a Choppa, a Shaman, a Sorc and a WE (f u Shadowlost, giving Kill Frenzy a bad name). You will note the absence of an OT. I did. But I was alone in my worries so I let it rest.

Long story short, the WE misteriously disappeared after the first boss (we found a BG to help out but he left after the left wing was done), the Sorc had to go tend to his/her daughter, the Shaman logged off mostly at the same time so I managed to find another Choppa (the so far ever-patient Bösewicht, which has been in another fail-run with me before) and Gwaan, our main and only tank, brought a Squigster and another Shammy from his guild WOLF HOUNDS. We managed to complete the first wing and clear the path to the third boss of the second.

But let's get to the Zealot part of this post.
(NOTE: whatever I call "Gors" might not be Gors at all. They might be... Ungors or some centaur-like thingy. They go unga unga so I call them "Gors".)

Tactics: again, same as before. Discipline, Subtlety, Restorative Burst and Blessing of Chaos.
Morales: Tzeentch's Talon, Eye of Sheerian, Divine Protection, Alter Fate or whatever. I don't really care for morale 4's for Zealots. I think they're, most of them, crap. If you disagree please show me the light as I am currently very disapointed in them. Needless to say, have your selfres up for bosses and be sure to die away from their spawn point and advise everyone to die quickly if you're gonna wipe.

Ok, make sure everyone has been there before and, if not, make sure they have the Blood of the Vale quest that Hellebron in the Palace gives.

Buff up but don't bother mounting up. You take a few steps in and, in the distance, you'll see an Elf going something like "OMFGWTFISCHASINGMEGETITOFF!" and then a big worm thing pops out. No big tactic here, just heal through it and it'll go away. People new with the quest, go back to deliver it and get the next bit.

Beginning of left wing, kill a few scorpions, a few Gors, heal right through all that crap until you come to the lake. The big lizard boss should be right there in the middle. You should stand next to the boulder that has a shard behind it. You can even stand on top of it.

Lake Lizard

Be sure to keep your tank(s) hoted and just heal through the sucker. Throw a Morale 1 at it as soon as you can, so it goes down faster, and possibly a Harbinger of Doom too. Choppas deal Corporeal damage, if I'm not mistaken. Crucial though, someone has to pick up the ads it spawns. It's not that they hit super hard but, if no one picks them, you inadvertadly will and will be setback until forever. Be sure to Embrace the Warp if that happens to hold you up while someone takes care of them. Alternatively, Zizzy (can I call you Zizzy? Sure I can) advises you to u se your Morale 3 if you pick them adds up. Should hold you for a while longer but not forever, believe you me.

After the boss, someone take the shard on the left side of the clearing (just don't let it be a WE) and then up the stairs. Beware here. These stairs can wipe. The rest of you must always go for anything with "Pleasure" in their names first, as they add a bunch to your cast-time. There are more shards around, keep an eye out. Pretty soon you're up the stairs and on to another clearing filled with trash gors or whatever and the next boss. Clear the trash.

Big Angry Cloud Boss

The way this sucker works is that he'll always go for anyone who steps on a pink cloud he spawns. And he'll spawn plenty. What I usually do is that I have everyone but the MT standing on a rock (the first big rock in the clearing, before the tent) and the MT drags the beast to stand real near the rock, with its back turned to us. Note: The front part of the rock, not the side or he'll just reset. The DPS can reach it there but clouds don't spawn there. Another viable place is the tent further on. It has a log near it. I usually avoid the tent because people tend to get stuck coming down from it. I've also stuck the boss there once too so, pick your poison. How I ended up doing it the last time though was prolly the most dangerous way. The MT was just running around trying to touch purple clouds while I stood very still and tried not to move just in case it spawned a cloud around me. Eventually the MT died but the OT was sporting a S&B too so it wasn't too bad. Nuke it.

Pass the trunk bridge, make sure ppl are delivering the quest if need be. You'll come to a path filled with spider and spider eggs. You can either have a rdps destroy the eggs from afar or stand near them and they'll spawn lil' spiders. If you've been wiping somewhat destroy some eggs so it'll be easier for ppl to run back *shudder*. Spiders are fairly easy to heal through so just slap down a ritual, a Leaping Alteration and you can even Demon Spittle and Rite of Agony them. There are more shards hidden behind rocks and one near the ledge right at the beggining, to the right I think. There are also two in the corridor filled with eggs. You can spawn two or three eggs at a time and AoE them to death. Kill spiders, push forward. You'll get to a clearing filled with harpies. Clear trash. Selfres on.

Slaanesh Cutie

Stand near the trunk. It the tank is tanking it against the pillar, stand near the front of the trunk, if he's tanking it on the side, near the ramp you came from, stand on the side of the tree trunk. Tank and spank, nuke it. All it does is knockback once in a while as far as I can remember. Oh yeah, some adds do spawn. I don't remember them but I remember looting them in the end. ^_^. Same deal as with the first boss, Morale 3 if you pick them up until the Choppa shreds them. Get loot (or don't if you're anything like me. All I ever get is Heart of Lolololyougetnothinggood).

Use the shards (they're in the quest inventory, just right click them) near the big pillar. You just need 10 to spawn the quest ghost thingy and now you should all have the torch. In the cave to the left is the reason why I started these guide thingies in the first place.

Dralel, the ICritYouToDeath Spider

Clear all the trash in the room. The way this is usually done is: When you get in, Dralel should be in front of you. There's a recess to the right of her with a ramp leading to a blue light. You tank her there. Well, not you, he/she/it/tank-like-thing. Oh and, don't jump off the ledge to get to said ramp. I've seen lot of people get stuck on those rocks. Once she's in position, place yourself with your back to the rock to the left of the ramp, facing the blue light. Your camera will probably weird out (I, at least, feel claustrophobic). Make sure everyone has the torch in their hotbar.

So here's what I've been meaning to tell you all along. Swap out a tactic (I take out Blessing of Chaos) and slot in Waves of Chaos. And here's a rundown of how the boss battle should go.
  • First thing she does is a general knockback. Everyone gets knocked back and snared. That's what the torch is for. You have to use it to be able to move again. She will instantly aggro the first person to use the torch so make sure the MT is quick to use it so you can do it right after.
  • She will not move from her spot instantly so the tank has to work hard to get her into position.
  • Any AoE dps and your Ritual must be on lil' spider detail. Every little spider that reaches the big one gives it a 5% damage buff.
  • Once the spider is on the ramp, place the ritual on the ramp behind it (around where I'm standing in the picture), so that it catches any stray spiders that get past the dps. Some spiders will also come up from behind you so use your Rite of Agony when they do. If you have a Chosen, have it use its damage aura. Spiders only have around 50~100 hp.
  • This is not a DPS race its a lil spider race. Last time I did it, Dralel had a 25% damage buff on her when she died and we still managed it without much difficulty.
An AP banner here will work wonders since you have to keep healing and using your AoE dmg. As long as you keep the tank hoted between big heals, and kill any spiders as they're about the reach the big one, you should be fine.

If the thing would've dropped the boots for me I could be sporting +8% crit heal. But nooo, phantom Marauder got them or something.

So tired of this spider, I swear...


  1. Understandable frustration. It will be dealt with.

  2. Just a little advice from a Runepriest on the lizard and the slaanesh demon. Both spawn adds (lizard -> small lizards, demon -> worms)..

    Use your M3-shield, so that you don't get set back at your healing. They don't do much damage, so the shield will hold for a long time and you don't get frustrated by the setback ;)


  3. The slaanesh sweetie spawns adds? Man, I really sleep through these bosses! I swear I never saw one but I will edit.

  4. you don't notice them cuz i keel them all usually :D