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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Waiting Between Worlds


While the patcher patches, which should be another hour, give or take, I thought I'd share something.

Of course, now that I'm here I completely forgot what I was going to share so, here I sit with a defunct lighter and candy wrappers, typing about nothing, really, while the patcher seems stuck at 10%.

I'm glad my last post was so inspirational for so many, I honestly didn't have much to say (kinda like now but I did! I swear!) so I just posted about one of my core beliefs about this game: crying about it is useless, you might as well try and do something smart.

Honestly, I don't get people that go on /ad to say "This game sucks" day in, day out, the same people. And these aren't trialers either. So wtf are they still doing in the game, paying for it, or even logging in? There's so much more to do in the world. Take it from me, the world is wider than your widescreen and you won't be missed.

Why, just yesterday I sat at our friends' house drinking copious amounts of chick drinks, rum and absynth, playing Pictionary and watching a very clothed Shakira not strutting her stuff much on the stage of Rock In Rio while being brutally mauled by their territorial cat. Life is fun like that. So if WAR isn't your cup of tea, go out drinking and drive or go play Puzzle Pirates or something just don't bother us with your whining because the rest of us are trying to have some fun here.

I'm all for constructive criticism though, and I'm guessing someone somewhere is bound to have a brilliant idea that the devs never did and we should thus all pitch in with our 2 cents. I don't, however, so I'm keeping my mouth shut (except, of course, make contribution not random and do something about PvE drops like a token system cuz I'm tired of running LV). But simply saying "nerf/don't nerf BWs" or "RvR is boring" doesn't cut it. It's like going to a restaurant, ordering soup and saying "this soup is bad". What're you going to do about it? Order something else? What would you rather have then? You don't know? Then would you kindly leave the premises and make room for people who do?

I like the soup. It's tasty. It'd be even tastier if it wasn't still at 14%.

If, however, you decide to suck it up and play a while, make the best of your money, time and patience and try your bestest. No one can blame you if you try your bestest. In fact, you're likely to be commended for doing so. It shows, believe you me. Sometimes, when I'm tired or just lazy I try a little less harder and it shows. Other times I get in the zone and I give it my all and the difference is there. Not the bestest healing ever but it surely made a difference. Oh yeah, btw, you know that addon that makes you thank the healer for when you get rezzed? Only the most annoying thing ever, especially when I get a "Thanks for resing me, dude!" A misogynistic addon does not make me feel appreciated. Taking your time to actually write a thank you for my efforts does.

Yay, 44% after a wall of text of near senseless gibberish. Ok, I'll stop bothering you now.


  1. I really miss you guys(girls) in game.... Was super having Nirv online here the other day :)

    Hope you guys return... btw. Pox rocked in Altdorf the other day, we did some tagteam on order asses ;)


  2. We miss you too, supatank!