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Friday, May 14, 2010

"What does the gun do?"

"It shoots bullets really fast."
- Detective Joe Miller

And if you got that reference, kudos to you for being awesome.

I've been super busy lately: between spring cleaning, trying to find a new place so I don't have to spring clean this one, daydreaming about it in the shower and finding vile things behind furniture, I've had very little time to play WAR even, much less post about it.

I was, however, pleasantly surprised with the news of the BW/Sorc nerf.
Cry me a river. Or don't, as most of you are sane people that realize this is a bold yet much needed first step in the right direction. Being instantly obliterated by 2~3 tiki torches surrounded by fast moving immovable bricks is not okay. I guess our favorite bombers really showed them what's what. (Btw, I found a pic of Arsanist grinning at an ice cream. Now I won't feel so bad when he kills me. Now I need a goofy pick of Steveo to make me feel better).

Maybe we'll even get lucky and some people stop playing BW altogether, bringing some variety into our lives. True BW lovers won't quit on them and kids over-compensating can give tanking a go because of their big swords.

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