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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How good is your eyesight? Should you be dead?

I finally got the Sentinel boots. I almost wept when I saw them. Now I don't want them anymore. I want more Darkpromise.

Moving right along.

I read recently how some quite interesting storylines and events go unnoticed because most of us just read the quest objective, press accept and get on with the killing. I have come across some interesting stuff in my "voyages", like the half-dead dude in Talabecland (i think it is) that has fungi growing under his armpits or whatever and it speaks to him. That cracked me up.

And who doesn't love clicking Chaos NPCs repeatedly just to hear some of their finest lines. My personal favourites are "Hear the lamentation of their women", "Kittens are tasty", "Feathers make me itchy" and the one that always makes me "sing-along" with a snobby smirk on my face "The fools of the Empire call us Blasphemers. To them I say: Who's winning?"

Recently, when we were messing around as Orders on Azgal, big bossman Nirv pulled my attention to yet another quirky little known fact. Well, little for me because I didn't know it.
There's a few sheets of paper slapped on the banners crowding Altdorf. I find the text on them hillarious. I mean, I imagine this poor dude that was given the task of just writing something, anything, to fill in the space. Looks to me like he was just drunk. Click the image for a better view.
"I know I mispelled mispelled". Best.

Sometimes I wonder what other cool things I missed by just breezing through the few quests I had to do. I admit, at times, I followed the storyline of some epic quests and they were actually fun. More fun to read than to actually do them. Like this one quest in Eataine or Dragonwake or what was it where the Dark Elves were tying to tame dragons and sent me back and forth collecting this and that and killing each other because... that's what Dark Elves do.

Sometimes I feel for the people who invested their time in all the PvE content. Sure, WAR is not a PvE oriented game. That doesn't mean that a significant amount of effort wasn't put into it. Maybe just the fact that it's there and it was a job well done is satisfaction enough. I sometimes feel bad about not reading the intricate story of everything. But if I did I'd never get anything done.

And every unlock has a story to tell. Epikk sometimes misses his scenario pops just 'cause he gets immersed reading random unlocks. Like the one you get in IC with the Gors that depicts the story of every NPC. It wakes up, it knows nothing except its own name, it fights, it dies, it wakes up again.

After this gooshy-wooing of PvE it's time to go and shred LV to pieces. My belt is lonely.


  1. yeah, one time I was too busy reading my TOK that I missed a scenario as well -.-

  2. The ToK really is a major gameplay piece that is just a beauty.

    As to the stories, sometimes my wife would rather do PQ's, than RvR as she finds the downtime good...but how they progress as little stories themselves.

    Great fun actually to be had in WAR other than RvR (but, MY GOD IT IS SO GOOD)

  3. That scroll is awesome! I remember Paul talking about it in some podcast long lost in time, and always wondering where it is.

    There are a ton of little touches and flourishes in game that really are cool, the first one I ever noticed was on a WP alt, in T2 his armor says, "Suffer not a heretic to live". It's aces.