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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WAR Bugs and why I love them

Well, some of them. I definitely don't like those bugs that get me killed like mobs not resetting. Then again, it may not be a bug. Mobs just don't reset for me. Ever. Unless they kill me.

(Somewhat convoluted post ahead.)

Over the time I've spent on WAR, bugs have become fewer and less aparent. Most of my bugs, graphical bugs that is, were somewhat my own fault sometimes, letting my computer running for weeks on end and then wondering why graphical performance was shoddy. And yet, I sometimes still do that but never again have I witnessed the cape-ridding-a-squig-ridding-a-wolf event.

Some bugs can even be helpful. I remember in LV's second boss, the first time I was there I think it was, there was me the Zealot and a Sorc on top of the tent. Everybody died so, dismally, we waited as the big gor-like thingy charged at us... only to get stuck on the corner of the tent. So we ended up almost 2manning that boss to oblivion. Aussum, heh? Well, I thought so.

Other bugs were real pretty too. Apart from the man-cave, I once had a keep all drapped in red velvet-like fabric, an arboreal pattern on the floor of Battle for Praag and pretty polygonal trees along a riverbed. People dressed in buildings, people dressed in wood, Merchants dressed as Orders (Merchants on Destro side).
There was also the recurring Sorc-arm bug (in its many variants). This one was recurrent for me. But I liked it. It "humanized" WAR for me. Nobody's perfect. We're all "special".

I had invisible mounts, invisible Orcs, people moving horizontally (as in, stuck in dead), people mounted without mounts, perverted Saccelum bosses fighting me in the nude, naked female toons not wearing a bra but sporting black triangular "niple flowers", teleporting mobs, mobs inside walls, inpregnable keeps with their unattackable doors, the fortress they screwed in Norn when they botched a patch, that barkeep on that PQ in Praag (or was it Reikland) that gives you a XSDJ23SDE&%2 code-like thingy when you tlak to him... All of these things made me smile (well, not so much the keep door issue, that was just silly), as if the game knew I needed to smile a bit or maybe it was customising itself especially for me (this on the graphical ones.) And general annoying/hindering bugs that have been overcome were like server-wide events that we longer-term players have overcome together and can now look back and laugh at. If... the need to do so ever arose.... which it doesn't... cuz yall r so bizzee whinin u neva lauff no moar.

Most of these bugs have gone the way of the Dodo and while I sit here, reminiscing, I can't help but miss these good old days; days when us Zealots were a cut above the rest, summoning our mounts quietly, no horn to warn anyone. We just stood there and *puff* mount got. Or how WE opened their mouths in shock when they jumped. Like they just knew you were just doing it to try and look up their skirt. And remember when killing keep bosses on balconies (before the outside staircase) wasn't considered exploit? I 3manned some keeps back in T3, back in the day. Oh oh and remember how AoE heals had that awesome radius? Those were some OP days...

So, really, "WAR is buggy, there's no excuse". You should have seen it back then. And, if you're anything like me, you'd have loved it too.

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  1. That squiggy on a wolf reminds me when you used to be able to sheep someone on a mount in Warcraft.

    I never really experienced bugs, but very slow FPS on my old computer. Once I upgraded my comp from a single core to a 64 bit quad core all my problems disappeared.