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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Something little - a bit late - but hey...

Indeed, last night we finally managed to complete Lost Vale with our little team.
Me going on with Nirvaesh - main tanking, Sara on Ehone with the healz and our Epikk choppling teh Mike. And an old member of the guild, Krueg - now back with us as we're getting active (him being surprisingly hyped about the PvE) and Doomish/Gonk (which he bounced on when we had trouble with N'kari) from the guild Pyran (sp?) and Vixiez a DoK who joined us for the middle wing to take Groobars place who accompanied us through left and right wing.

This could be something more if it wasn't this late as most guilds and pugs are farming this place now that its old news and most are running around with Tyrant and Sovereign. Which makes me sad cause I remember the good ol' days when my Invader still meant something. -sigh-

In anycase, most of the instance was a pleasent breeze as I've always enjoyed tanking and that night scenarios were being populated by order bombing us to oblivion in most scenarios and despite our efforts it was pointless and due to it starting to get late and scenarios getting scarcer and scarcer we decided to continue with the LV we started determined to getting it done.

Left wing, all a breeze - even our spiderling nemesis - Draleth proved to be not much of a challenge to our Dark Promise greedy wrath. There were plenty of useful drops in all three wings - sadly a part of them went to the wrong address as I was doing fine on my invader which I use to tank and RvR with. Meaning I would've gladly had my drops be redirected to Ehone as she is still running around in Sentinel which by no means is not a crappy set but new is always new and shiny and I couldn't find someone more deserving than her. Epikk got a few a pieces - which are also well deserved.

Right wing, also a breeze - my 2nd time tanking it and no problems there except a bugging butcher and no gutbeater's shield for me.

Middle wing was brand new to me and I felt a bit nervous at tanking new bosses but with Doomish doing a great job on guiding us through the bosses we ended up clearing it without any trouble except a few careless wipes on the Chieftain and of course - a few missed purple orbs in N'kari which then ended up in me going down with the cleave and us resetting it. In the end we got it and were rather pleased with ourselves.

A rather pleasent expirience, a nice feeling of accomplishment and a warm and fuzzy feeling about making some new friends - especially since we started planning on hacing a semi-static party to go after Lockout if all were free at the time. AND something that got me even more excited was that we started planning on a possible go at the ToVL which we have once visited but then quit after a friend of mine Silanglindis - a sorc of the unnamed/unforgiven (I seriously can't ever remember which one he is from - I think unforgiven) had a lovely blue screen of death. We cleared a boss and got nothing useful for our trouble but it was still decent fun.

So - now with my tanking ego buffed to a whole new level of gloating and resulting in a whole new level of ego bubble bursting by Sara - I - atleast anxiously wait for our next roll at LV and our future in ToVL. Where I hope for all the phat lewtz but secretly on the back of my mind hope that the first set of drops are for Sara as that orange Sentinel must go - even tho she already is the most competent healer I know you can always put it up a notch eh?

Anyway - a little something a bit late - but I blame it on my darling black beast of a computer who decided to backfire on me on the height of my funtime on WAR which ended up in me taking a very long break from WAR in which time most people hit 80 and started dancing around in Sovereign and Tyrant - which of course they deserve as they worked for it. But I still wish I could've been among them at the time instead of crawling behind after my involuntary leave of the game. Thus my hopes of being one of the first BG's on Norn to reach 80 and even our little guild got crushed by inactiveness - but I think it all might be alright soon enough. But now is the time for me to actually log in to beat Order to a pulp as I still have a good 20 RR's to go through.

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