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Friday, April 2, 2010

Never give up!

Today is one of the days - I have no cigarettes, no energy drinks and no money. And yes this is relevant to my WAR expirience. I will function but not without bitching around. Thus it makes it even worse when I enter a scenario and people are giving up 'cause we're too weak. Well it definetly isn't my fault! Watching R40 geared helears throwing around ~30k in the full scenario is just way too sad. Oh and the leading destro DPS was me - Blackguard on sword and board mode, defensive masteries and what not. So not only did we have a bad start and gave up on the middle - it ruined the rest of it. We aren't going to win by giving up - thats why I never do. Even though it does give me a headache - which I now cannot fix with nicotine and caffeine.

Anyway back to my more and less amazing feats of awesomeness - Batlle For Praag - good teams both ways. We're at their doors, we get pushed to the ground. I notice Sara dying on her zealot. And with that the rest of my group and the other group falling too. So I'm alone - a zerg of order comes at me. I think the first reaction of a normal player is either RUNAWAY. Or just lulz and run to them and let 'em kill you. I tried something spontaneous and something very weird. I took my banner out, ran in with the banner shield, bashed 'em. Ran to Ehone and rezzed her. And it worked - I lolled hard even though it was a futile attempt it was a perfect example of never giving up. Theres always something you can do.

In anycase, i'm hungry, grumpy and my mom's leaving to work soon, thus I have to make her a bit of food.

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