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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zealot's Guide to Bloodwrought Enclave

It is exactly what it says. If you do as described here you should have no biggies healing through it. Last time I went at it as a Zealot I managed to solo-heal a 3-man party. Of course, I was already near full Sentinel but still.


Tactics: Discipline, Subtlety, Restorative Burst and Blessing of Chaos or whatever. Maybe throw in a tactic you might have bought in a mastery tree. I didn't buy any so go crazy. Just don't slot in Waves of Chaos. At least not while trash clearing. I rarely do any PvE without these tactics. Just changed out one for one boss that I can remember but that's for a different dungeon.

Morale: Tzeentch's Talon, Eye of SheerianDivine Protection, Alter Fate. The last one I never use. I rarely get past Morale 2 even, mostly because I love Sheerian's animation so much. And it's another HoT. I love Hots. I passed on Divine Favor because I don't think the amount it heals is justifiable. I'd rather have a reverse 1001 to help kill bosses. If you have a different morale 4 you're in love with go right ahead.

Depending on what gear I had I'd either use a Liniment of Inspirational Winds or a Wounds one instead. I like(d) to keep my Willp at least in the 1k range without Mark of the Spell Destroyer but if you feel the second healer is doing fairly well and the MT ain't too squishy, by all means slap on yer Willp mark. Save your Mark of Remaking for the bosses.

Once inside, turn left. If you're specced Dark Rites (AoE) like me, just lay down a ritual (you can use whatever you have, I just have the one), throw your Leaping Alteration and a Dust of Pandemonium between sending bottles of Tzeentch's Cordial to the melees. If not AoE specced, just make sure everyone is HoTed at least before you invest your AP in party heals.

After you clear all the trash on the left you get to the first boss. Three centaur-like thingies. "Nuke the boss" they'll say. You slap on the self-res before you answer "ready". If your tanks aren't great you'll be off-tanking the champs. It shouldn't be a problem. With your morale one and a Harbinger of Doom on it, the thing should go down fairly quickly. Just keep the MT all buffed up (give him a willpower/initiative mark if he's getting hit too hard) and remember you have a Daemonic Fortitude to put on them tanks if they seem to be a bit fail.

Party: "What you're not using Menace?"
Rk40 Tank who should know better by now: "No. What's Menace?"
True story.

If you do find yourself tanking the adds, save the Fortitude for yourself, remember that besides the detaunt you have Veil of Chaos, to give you time to get a big heal in and Embrace the Warp, a beauty of a thing. If only it didn't have such a long cooldown. HoTs are crucial to keep up in this fight, especially on whoever's tanking because now and again you'll get silenced.

Boss down, boohoo you didn't get loot and yes, we are needing on dyes. Moving right along.

When you get back to the first intersection you go left again (that is, straight forward if you're coming from the entrance). Clear more trash, spam more heal, declare the tanks incompetents cuz they can't keep aggro. The person who got the key in the last boss opens the door, you all go in and you healers and any rdps go stand at a staircase. Either one is fine. If you have an AP banner place it down next to you in the stairs. The tanks can find their own.

This bastard is moody but fairly easy. If it's your first time here it can take a while. Tanks should guard the melee(s) but let the MT get all the aggro. You have your selfres on, you slap down a ritual and you answer "r". The most crucial thing to do, once everyone is blown up in the air is that whatever you're doing, once the main tank is knocked back you have to stop doing it and uncurse/hex it. Seriously. STOP and Glimpse of Chaos it. The fight then proceeds as it was, you keep HoTing everyone and once they're all in the air again you jump and uncurse the MT again. Rinse, repeat, Barakus should be dead now. If not, your selfres should be useful to prevent you all from having to run back. Just remember to stay near the middle of the stairs, not too up, not too down. Its normal if the OT or the meleegets one-shotted. I don't know why. I don't know tanking rules. Just know it wasn't your fault.

Boohoo, phantom Marauder has 2 new Sentinel helmets now and you have jack shit. Tough luck.

See you in BB.

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