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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nirvaesh as a working man

So - I finally got a job and am now a working man. On this fab time of economic depression I managed to get a job - who would've guessed. Not me fo' sure. In anycase it happened - it has its pro's and con's.

MONEY! .. oh yes the sweet sweet money that I never have - but the major con is that its physichal labour and when I got home today.. I was totally incapable to play and my 1 hour nap stretched to 3 hours cause I just couldn't wake up. SUCKS. 'Cause we were supposed to bonk ToVL again. Oh, well. So now that I got up 2 hours ago I had a few good sc's - few laughs with Doomish and then.. order attacked IC. After valiantly fighting for 45 mins.. they locked. Bloody bastards of VIII and Red Guard bombing - what a fun ruiner.

It's tempting.. those bomb groups.. to make one. But - I can't help but to think that those people on order who we would bomb would feel the same as I do now. Meaning I would ruin their fun - and that sucks. Sure its fun to bomb away lulz and get free arpeez.. but when I think of it deeper then the renown - it's dull, unimaginative - tho at first a great invention - but its like.. not Warhammer Online - it's more like a Bombhammer Hotline - when I go to a scenario all I see is bombing bw's and slayers going "Yaya I can spam AoE woot I r skillzed at this game." No I don't mean that every order bomber etc. is a retard - most likely the opposite. It's just the pressure of peers. Use what works. I don't blame you - I don't care whos responsible for ruining the prime-time of the game with bombers. But - I just wish it would stop. That's all.

In other notes back to my achievement of finding a job - this means I get money - this means that I hopefully will have this job for a long time and they'll premit me a few weeks off in the summer - cause I would love to visit Mike and Sara in Portugal.. and maybe another friend of mine in Holland on the way back/there. Who knows. Well I guess I'll find out in a months or twos time.

Back to the scenario then - I hope I can find one that isn't being dominated by bombers.

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