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Sunday, April 18, 2010

I am a master at roleplaying stupid

I started playing pen and paper roleplay games 19 years ago (AD&D 2nd Eddition) and, excluding MUDs, my MMO experience began 14 years ago with Meridian 59, and one year later it evolved to an addiction with Ultima Online.

Since then i've tried lots and lots of pen&paper stuff and an equal share of MMO's, with some of them catching my eyes more than others.

Taking this into account, i can say for sure that i am no stranger to roleplay, in more than one form.

But even after all these years there's still something that shocks me, and that is people who try to apply to MMOsthe level of roleplay that's needed on a P&P.

I mean, while it seems strange to go into the sewers of the city and start killing rats for no reason in the middle of a Mage session (i can picture the Story Teller right now "ok so.. you kill another rat... nothing happens... AGAIN..." while the other players look oddly at me because i'm stalling and losing precious time) it also seems strange that i WOULD NEED a reason to go to Bloodwrought Enclave.

This is what mainly separates the two worlds of roleplay for me. There's stuff that i wouldn't dream of doing on a P&P without first coming up with a reason for it (of course there's always the chaotic neutral character that needs little to no reason for most of his actions, but still...) but at the same time it wouldn't cross my mind to have to justify each and every action i do on an MMO (no, i didn't kill that bright wizard cuz he was a bitch to my sister last time they went out.. i killed him cuz he was right there and he didn't noticed me.)

As everything in life, this is only my oppinion and it differs from other people's, as expected.

There are people out there that think that they need to justify each and every action they do EVEN on an MMO (and while they're at it, they do it in ye olde English, because any other way would be a sin to the gods).

I came face to face with a group of these people a couple of months ago.

I came back from work a little later than i'd like to, and so, when i logged on, the rest of the guild was doing an LV run without me. So, to keep myself entertained while they were in LV, i decided to find a PUG to go to BE to try and get some Sentinel gear.

To my surprise, as soon as i announced "Choppa lfg for BE" in the IC, i instantly got a /tell of someone saying something like "we are riding our steeds there as we speak, care to join us, oh strong creature?" ... WTF????

Ok, so, i caught up with the guys at the BE entrance. As soon as i got there, the Zealot said to the Chosen(the guy who sent me the /tell) "what a fine creature you brought us. Is he tame?" and for some reason i felt like smashing her face right there.

Anyway, we got in. they all just stood there for a while, so i asked "you gonna pull?" and to my surprise, the chosen says " OC - wait up i'm looking for my notes" (later i found out that he actually meant "Out of Character" with that OC...). Eventually he pulls, but then the marauder started messing up and for some odd reason we died on the first group of mobs (yes.. i died at the entrance to BE... ridiculous to say the least... but true) I asked if the healer had self rez or if i should release and THEN it all made sense.

The chosen sent me a /tell saying that if i was going to ask stuff like that i should indicate that i was speaking Out of Character, cuz they were a roleplay group and that i should try to fit in if i wanted to stay there with them, so, it was either roleplay or back to finding a group.. i decided to mess with them.

Eventually the healer self rezzed, rezzed us all up, and then they started with something about how we had to go and smite the Evil Godslayer because he stole a precious item from the Guild's leader and they had to get it back (what a crummy excuse to go and kill the guy for some Sent gear).

As son as the chosen pulled the first group again, i yelled /WAAAGH at them and started choppin my way through them. when they were dead i simply yelled "ENRAGE!!!!!" and ran towards the other group, spamming lotsa choppin' and /waaagh ing yet more. went right past that group of mobs and ran into the next one. Then i decided to come back yelling "NOOE THEY BE HITTING ME!"

We died. the healer released and came back to rez us.

the zealot said something to the chosen about keeping his beast (me) on a short leash. when everyone was ready again I decided to yell "LEASH BROKE!!! WAT I DO????" /waaagh and ran through two or three groups, stopped.. said "OH NOES!!! THEY BE HURTIN' ME AGAIN" and ran to hide behind the healers.

We died AGAIN. i laughed my ass out. it was soooo worth it :D

the zealot simply said "ahhh fuck this. all release" so we did, and everyone started yelling at me "WTF WAS THAT FOR???" and "DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY???" so, my obvious question was "dude, you wanted me to roleplay an orc... i roleplayed an orc. i'm a dumb creature.. you gotta tell me what to do."

They kicked me out of the party :) i still laugh about it today.

Bottom line is, i hate roleplayers in MMO's, but i also know that they have as much right to play the game as i do, but PLEASE don't expect that some random guy you pick up (e.g. ME) will want to play the game the same way you do.


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