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Friday, April 30, 2010

Hey all you little things of WAR!

Klara vappen to any bastardous Finnish/Scandinavian etc. person who finds themself here, I will soon be off to celebrate it the only way I know how. By getting shit-faced. With the rest of Finland.

But this is NOT the point of this post. This post however is still random but mandatory 'cause I have been silent far too long.

Now to random business - WAR players who have no idea of the lore and don't care about it. Given i'm no expert - but I know a little bit of that and a few bitz here and there. And now i'm learning more about dark elves - if you know me, you know I love them sadistic, cruel creatures without competition known as Dark Elves. WHY I love them so much I do not know, however I do know that I do.

So, my source? Dark Elf armybook - I finally started collecting again, supported by my new job. AND I can't wait to order that blackguard command squad... I'll name the champion Nirvaesh Vihankylväjä, those who know me, know why.

So back to the real business again started up there - I know anyone no matter how stupid, idiotic, retarded, young, old, blisfully ignorant one may be they have a right to play this game. However! If we decide to mutter about the lore and give praise to our gods and talk about the tabletop game or other such stuff which is definetly warhammer related - don't come screaming at us that its all bullshit and what not.. it isn't. The lore is in the game - you're playing it - your characters are build on the base of the lore. It does mean that you can ignore but don't give us crap about it.

Also, advice chat - what the hell man - I know idiots linger there but hey c'mon.. I tell a person who sais something along the lines of "40k holds more interest to me than warhammer." I reply cause i'm an annoying lil fuck at times that "40k is Warhammer, so is Warhammer Fantasy Battle.." So what do I get out of this? Somewhat what I deserve " stop talking when you don't know what we're talking about." Well clearly I know quite a deal compared to your false paradoxal statement. And.. its pretty clear to anyone with a hint of intellect that they were talking about the two games and who likes which better and such.

Aaand it continues! He starts telling me to go to bed, and that I am a kid. And probably a retard - I didn't much care about his name calling... I get enough of that in guild chat.. even tho they are somewhat wellwished but still. Jokes get old too? (Doesn't mean that i'm gonna rage you all my beloved guildies if you call me your bossgirl or w/e you wanna call me.)

But, I loved my next statement - "Well you're right, I do have to go to bed soon. I have a job to go to." Surprisedly that shut him up. AUSSUMSAUCE!

And now referance to the last post by Sara.
A tank-archetype who has the balls to call himself a tank and goes to an instance to main-tank - and then goes "What's menace?", are the biggest idiots, failers and one skill spammers I must know. If you don't even know your tactics and you're holding warlord tells much about what this game is going to. I once thought that wearing sovereign is like aussumsauce - now I just find it the final step of being a grindwhore. Because me - in my invader - in my OLDSCHOOL brightwizard college glaive can deal better DPS than a full sovereign choppa. And i'm not even str capped OR have focused offence on. For the love of Khaine, the chaos gods.. and EVEN Gork and Mork. Whats the point of even driving yourself to Sovereign when you know that you're awesome and what you get out of it? A bomb squad by order in the face. Oh and about tanking - I tank in the same set and tank whole of LV. So - something.

Anyway, I HATE YOU BOMB SQUADS! It should be seriously nerfed - no I don't care that I will never be able to set one myself cause its nerfed and can't renown farm by it. I just want a good clean fight with different players with their individual skills not a play style from a guide from a forum about bombing.

Now, i'm done randomly ranting. Next post will be about tanking - a task I so hate and love. The stress of it - I HATE. The feeling of being able to go to LV and be like "Yo guyz, check diz out!"

So, look forward to my random, undirectional, very rant-like, off-topic filled and senseless blog-guide about tanking. And fear not, I will rant about bombing aswell.

Love ya'll ya lil fings of WAR<3


  1. It is true. Some people have the time, and patience to grind out RR, gear, and etc. It doesn't make them better players.

  2. I am an old Pen and Paper RPG player (like D&D) and I had played the 1st edition of Warhammer Fantasy. It was quite fun. So the lore is important to me.

    As to Dark Elves, there was a specific novel about Dark Elves available at the Black Library...but, it is a male character...
    But, if you want the feel of the dark realms then that may be a way to go.

    Overall, the novels REALLY give flavor to the world and it's horror like settings in a Fantasy world (for example, there are several female Vampire novels set in the Old World that look like great fun).
    I am reading the Witch Hunter series right now, and it is truly a blast. I can visualize the character as he may look in WAR, and it even discusses Altdorf, etc.

    Anyways. good luck on the Lore front


  3. In my defense, I'm not that mean to the boss in /g. I'm just honest about how I feel when he dies. Giddy. And I share my views on how he looks. Like a goth girl. But other than that I'm sickeningly nice.