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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PvE and Me

I give you today, The Eye of Sheerian which, albeit a bit of a useless or maybe just ignored morale 2, is clearly, the most visually stunning ability in the entire game.

So everyone was talking about how they did the thing there at the place and the ones who didn't we're all like "aww, I wanna go do it too!" and I got to thinking "yeah, I should totally do that. By golly". And, by golly, so I went and did it. Yes sirree.

I'm talking about LotD powerleveling. Yep, I got on my Shaman and we went to get Nirvaesh's DoK up to 40. I got the Shaman up to 35 in the process. Which sucks since he's "da Green" specced and I wanted to get his rr up evenly too. Don't get me started. This is the one toon I won't respec for a long time. For starters I'd need to get new gear to slot willp talismans in. Maybe if I ever get it up to Annihilator level. Maybe. And then it's just to breeze through the rrs until Conqueror.

And then it got me thinking "what wards did you need for that big bad tomb there on the horizon again?" I'd heard you only needed Greater but, call me a rub-tugging* jamaican monkey, I was doubtful. So I asked Gonk, my new second favorite tank in the whole wide server, and he confirmed that all we needed was Greater.
Rock on.

So a semi-guild run is scheduled for tomorrow. I'm guessing we'll either have a legitimate rdps with Gonk on his Magus (Doomish) or he'll come on the Gonk itself (BO) and we'll have an MT and 2 dps tanks, counting Krueg on.... well, Krueg. Lets hope we find another good healer. I like Groobar. Everyone that helps me heal through N'Kari, I like.

And so it is that after our completion of yet another LV (still just the damn belt) and 4manning BE (still no damn boots. SRSLY! I've been trying for months now) we set forth to conquer the last big PVE challenge. ToVL. Gonk says he's confident we can do the first 5 bosses. I'm up for at least die trying.

Speaking of trying, I went to Gunbad (fiiiiinally) on the Donkeywrath, the dps Zealot. That Redeye set is so yummy for a dps healot, especially compared to Devastator. The last bonus for me takes the cake. So off we went, me half-healing specced, Sarephi the other zealot (and broodfather) main healing, Kahliah (the broodmother) on her Sorc, Nirv on Krothek, his rk 18 Marauder (or Mordor if you ever hear him saying it) and the new Chosen, Zorpus. Surprisingly enough our 5 man group cleared the whole right wing, including the instanced boss, and managed one of the pqs on the left before Sar had to go. Surprisingly because I was rk 26, apprenticing Krothek but the rest of them were 23/22. We walked away with bolstered egos and some Redeye pieces to boot. And we got to hear Zorpus and Nirv spill out finnish over the vent. That's always.... interesting.

All in all, a good time was had, we got to spend time with our new recruits and we're taking a well deserved break from PvP. Of course, you'll find us emblem whoring in Scenarios now and again (but never leeching, we try our hardest, honest) but I, myself, needed and still need a break from all the zerging.

And getting better gear in the process is a well deserved added bonus.

I will continue on with my PvE adventure-relaying at another post.

*Kudos to Mr. Robert Rankin for having written all my favourite books. According to this remarkable man, a rub-tugger is one who "tugs at his rubbing parts".



Character name meaning for the curious or otherwise no-lifers:
  • Ehone Donkeywrath (means nothing, GOA/Mythic renamed me in a server transfer. "Ehone" sounds like a donkey to me so I call her Donkeyspeak) - ZL
  • Dextrose Docinho (dextrose is a sugar and "Docinho" means sweet/sweety) - MG
  • Trinca Espinhas (although "Trinca" by itself means bite, "trinca espinhas" is an expression used to describe someone very thin - its direct translation would be "fish-bone bitter") - DoK
  • Nojo Debolso ("Nojo" is an ick, something disgusting; "de bolso" means portable/fits in yer pocket) - SHM
  • Fofo (cuddly, flluffy, cute) - SH
  • Chaimite - CHS
  • Enfermeiro (male nurse) - DoK
  • Donkeywrath (after Ehone) - ZL
  • Pirilampo Mágico ("Pirilampo" means firefly but.. a magical firefly is something else altogether. You buy them to help the... handycapable?) - SORC
That's all of them I can remember, on Norn. So, if you see any of them stop asking me if I'm a tuga. Yes, I am and it's always just me.

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