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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shop of Horrors

Just a quickie one today, before i forget.

I had a dream about Tchar'zanek. Weird right? Weirder still: he was a merchant. He had like these pocket items and trophies on sale because I'd done like special assingments like Special Forces or something.

But Tchar was a mean merchant and he'd give u like two minutes to do your shopping. After that he opened the trapdoor and we'd all fall to a pit full of harpies and daemonettes and hounds and corpses of previous shoppers while he point&laughed.

Now, I'm a healer at heart so I know my way out of a sticky situation. So I healed myself into a courner and managed to reset the bastards. Yes, it's the only time when I can actually reset something. In my dreams.

I found out my corner was actually the inside of a lift and, very slowly and carefuly, I managed to get the doors closed, leaving the harpies behind. After it went backn up and me having to do some Prince of Persia (the new 360 version) around the palace, I went back to the good ol' boy and resumed my shopping. Repeat the whole trapdoor process. By now I was a pro. I don't know for how long this dream went on but let me tell you. I just now remembered it and it is weird. I mean, have I been playing too long that I now have dreams about loot that isn't there and sadistic NPCs? Sure, he's the NPC to end all NPCs but still...

It was really weird.


  1. Nice dream. Sometimes you wonder what makes dreams so off the wall.

  2. That's why i told yha not to eat all that icecream before going to bed. see now? :P