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Monday, April 26, 2010

RvR and Me

I'm not dead, just trying to figure out some personal stuff.

It's been a while since I actively went searching for an ORvR fight, mostly because I can't deal with PUGs. Well, I can because I have to but some recent ones have thrown me off the thing completely. There's nothing worse than 20 people who won't listen. Yes, the person with the party hat can be a dick, but the dick is leading, all hail the dick, follow and die if you must but please follow. Eventually the dick will see the error of its ways and start listening to better ideas as well.

Since I have shun ORvR almost completely (except for a few WC camping sessions. Yes, I'm admiting it. I do it too) I've come to spend most of my time in scenarios. Black Fire Basin is the poison of choice for this weekend and how I love it. It's a healer's dream, for me. A big open space to shoot DoTs in. Although the most I could do so far was hit the 400kish mark, I always come out of that SC satisfied, either we win or lose. Sometimes I'm even bold enough to leave the farm and go around to cap the flag.

Nordenwatch, on the other hand, is starting to lose interest for me. People seem to resign themselves to the farm so easily. I usually just try and bypass the bomb squad and sneak into fortress or lighthouse. At the very least try and lure a lion to the guards.

Reikland Factory is the worst of them, in this aspect. Maybe they've been playing too much Farmville and forgot that the way to win points is by capping BOs. So its up to me to decide to either let them all die and earn little or no renown and cap flags, or join them in their farming/get farmed while Order racks up the points by having a lone tank going around every flag.

Even through all of this fail I managed to get to RR55. Quite a milestone for me. I've been playing for an obscene amount of time and only gotten this far as of yet. And some 10 more rrs to go before I can equip Warlord. Darkpromise doesn't seem to want to drop for me and there's only so much PvE I can stand.

So I'm guessing I might have to give ORvR a new try. The trail of slime I leave as I climb through the ranks is a sore sight after all the money/time I've invested in this.


  1. I feel your pain. I know I feel the same way most of the time.

  2. Are you part of a guild? My guild started to do more scenario's and PvE but I mainly wanted to do oRvR so I just moved on...

  3. I am in a Guild, a very small guild atm but we're recruiting again and trying to get them up from T2 into T4. So we end up investing a lot of our time in getting more of us into end-game and when we do T4 we usually just revert to SCs or some quick PvE runs for better gear.

    But I know we'll get back to all-out ORvR once we have enough ppl in our alliance to actually have something to organize.