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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I had a book, but i eated it

Untill a couple of months ago i was able to read a book (or at least look at one and point at the tiny letters with my big index) and although it might seem futile, it made me feel happy because not that many orcs can read.

It was tough at first because my big teeth got in the way, but eventually i learned to tilt my head in a way that i could actually see what i was pointing at.

These days, every time i read a book i disapear and get sent to places with tents and angry elves ; as if Gork or Mork are punishing me for not eating all my vegies D:

Am i the only one that's sad that the "/tome" emote was removed ???

What am i suposed to do now when leeching renown at a warcamp? They took away my book!!!! and i can't use my "/special" all that often cuz the other day someone told me that it was rude to "spank your gobo" when there's ladies arround (and Ehone is always arround).

I miss my book D: bring it back please ;_;

1 comment:

  1. I miss mine too.. I have to disrupt the book for pretending to read.

    Oh..and it's no gobbo you hit with your orc-special.. It's a Snotling. So you can keep hitting it ;)