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Thursday, June 24, 2010

At the Arena

From his perch at the furthest end of the Saccelum Arena, Engra Deathsword surveyed his surroundings dismally.
"I killed man, woman and child to be reduced to this...? A glorified zookeeper with varicose veins? I, the one who laid waste to Praag and instilled the darkest of fears in the soul of Magnus himself! Where is the change I was promised?! WHERE IS IT?" Graul, standing beside him, shook his head as to say "Search me".
It was then that a bloodied Chosen of the Raven Host approached them.
"Gird your loins, what is it you want?"
"I bring to you a message from our master, the great Tchar'zanek. He wishes to speak with you, the one who laid waste to Praag and instilled the darkest of fears in the..."
"And what is it he wants from me? I'll have you know I'm a very busy Chosen. Lots of things to survey here. Yes, indeed," he nodded violently in the direction of Vilebane who, in turn, nodded as to say "Yes. Indeed".
"That, he would not confide in the likes of me. But I got the distinct impression it was of the utmost importance."
"It would be, wouldn't it, or he would need not send for the spiritual successor of the mighty Asavar Kul!"
"If you say so, oh tall one."
"What? You dare doubt my competence?!"
"No, that is far from what I..." but Engra took him by the head and flung him high above his shoulder before he could finish.
"Blood for the blood Goooooo......" was the last line for this our Chosen. Engra hastened to conclude.
"Skulls for the skull..."

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