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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New beginings

Ok so, me and the missus decided it was time to move on from The End as the guild is unfortunately dead, and Nirv doesn't have the time to play these days.

That being said, we enlisted in Kill Frenzy!!!!

Up till now there's nohing much to say as we haven't done any guild activities with them, but they seem like a great bunch of ppl.

Here's to hopping it will last as I'm kind of tired of fail guilds, and all this orc needs is a cozy spot to keep his tea forks.

On another note, I found an old friend online today. Someone from the first guild i joined, back when Karak Hirn merged with Karak Dron. A Nox. His name being Bogpad. Chatting up with the little gobo was refreshing and some good memories came back to my mind. Unfortunately when Dron merged with Norn, the guild vanished. All members but me and Ehone left and we ended up merging with The End.

It's kind of prophetic that the day I move into a new guild, someone from my first one appears :P

Anyway, all of you enjoy your week of no-renown, and see yha back in the battlefield come 7th of July.



  1. Welcome to Kill Frenzy, the home of crazy people and chronic drunks.

    More bloggers to our guild, waaaaagh!