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Monday, June 28, 2010

Choppa Builds in a not so distant future

Hello peeps. Resident Choppa here.

Sara was showing me the blog statistics yesterday, and she was telling me that i should post something about Choppas.

Like, some kind of guide, or some tips, or even just my build and why i use it.

She wants me to do this because apparently, "WAR choppa guide" is one of the top searches that lead people to this blog (and unfortunately the only choppa related guide that we have, is the LV one, that even though it's a good one, if i may say so myself, it's not much to go for.)

I know i already told you about my build, as i explained it when making the LV post, but maybe you won't read it if you're simple looking for a choppa build guide cuz you're starting a choppa (if that's the case, i don't see why you'd be reading an LV guide in the first place, so, you wouldn't read the build either :P)

Because of that, i'm gonna try to come up with the time to put up a simple choppa guide.

keep in mind, that's my build.. not THE BEST build.. just my own.


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